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August 18, 2014 Comments (11)

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Friday evening I kept hearing a clicking sound. I couldn't figure out were it was coming from. Maybe the thermostate? Maybe the air-conditioner? Maybe my printer? Well darn it I just couldn't figure it out because it didn't happen all that often.

Since I had to go to work Saturday and Sunday I didn't think any more about it.

Not until I went to the refrigerator today. When I opened the door up I noticed a smell--strange smell like veggies that had been setting to long in the heat.

Well I opened the freezer door and found everything defrosted. That's when I knew what the clicking I heard was from.

Of course cleaning out the frig has become a major event in my life because a lot ended up on the floor.

Being on a very tight budget it means that most of my food has went bye, bye.

However my little dog Lulu loved it because she probably has eaten more today than she has ever in one days time.

Calling my landload has ment that I left them a message but they haven't called me back. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

However, I did really need to clean out the frig and the floor needed cleaning too, so although I was hoping for a quite day--just me and Lulu--here's hoping that tomorrow I can relax and wait for the repair man.

I know this is not really about quitting smoking or craves but DUH what the heck it's just about life in general.

Besides all my Ex-smoking friends know what I would of done if I was still smoking. I am so glad that I am a non-smoker because things don't seem to bother me like they used too.

Keep on adding those days.





Comments (11)

If you rent - they might reimburse you for the food that you lost - I work for a company that manages apartments and we do.  Baking soda will help get the smell out.

Yep - the first thing that I think about when something goes wrong is a smoke - but I don't think about it very long.  It is really getting so very much easier!

Nice to hear from you!!!

Jennifer_Quit_05-01-14 887 days ago


Sorry to hear about your loss of your food!!! Especially with the prices now a days.

At least you didn't smoke over it!!!


Magstoyou 887 days ago

You GOT this - don't you?  And, remember, just because you might think about a cigarette doesn't mean you have to act on it.  YOU are the only person who can make you smoke!

I am proud of how well you handled this "life happens" event!  You even managed to turn it into a postive.  Good for you!



Youngatheart.7.4.12 887 days ago

It must be national refrigerator day or something, i cleaned mine today, sorry you lost your food but glad you didn't smoke

swilson2 886 days ago

At least you have a landlord, Judy.  I have a deceased refrigerator taking up space in my kitchen.  There is no way to get it out or to get another one in...let alone to PAY for one. Oh well. 

elvan 886 days ago

Judy, I'll never forget when I had an upright freezer in the storage room at our previous home. When meats would go on sale or I could get a great deal on seafood, I'd buy extra and put it away for a "rainy" day. Well, wouldn't you know, the electrical outlet shorted and kicked the breaker to that room. I found out too late and I wanted to sit down and cry, but most likely I smoked a whole pack of cigarettes back in those days just fuming over it. 

Thank goodness we just deal with these things now, you know, like people who don't smoke deal with life's disapointments AND life's celebrations too. Yep, we used to punctuate every task, reward ourselves, deal with disappointment, sorrows, whatever by smoking. How upside down is that?  The reward now...we don't smoke over anything. Glad you are getting a new fridge, and you might just check into Jennifer's suggestion to see if the management company will help replace the food you lost. 

Moody_9-18-13 886 days ago

No it's not really about quitting smoking.  But yeah, it's really about quitting smoking.  We need to vent in other ways, than inhaling smoke and puffing it out.  And the beauty of this site is that we can.  And THAT keeps us smoke free.  THAT keeps us from relapse.  Life in general has all to do with our quitting journey.  And this site is a safe harbor.  I marvel at it every day.  And I cherish it.  Thank you for your blog, Judy for even after 8 years quit, it keeps me safe because of posts like yours. 

Giulia 886 days ago

Glad it wasn't a smoking offense and hope your landlord replaces the lost food.

you might make a list?

jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 886 days ago

congratulations you just passed a test. Stress is a trigger I think that effects us all. first response stress smoke. Those days are gone and now we can look upon them as a bad memory. At least Lulu have an enjoyable day.

God bless


cookie804 886 days ago

your refrigerator and my washing machine just went this morning but we won't smoke about it, will we? N.O.P.E!!!

ShawnP 886 days ago

Great job keeping your quit...  No need to cry over spilled milk!




Ms.J_11-10-2013 886 days ago

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