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Ms. J November, 10 2013 posted a comment on this blog post | This Wasn’t A Dream
Yep, scared the bajesus out of me also.  Congratulations Mike 10 years is a fantastic, wonderful feat...... You are my inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You! Jackie
(4 minutes ago)

Pops posted a comment on this blog post | This Wasn’t A Dream
Mike...wow what a milestone! :-)  You are certainly one of the elders around here.  We all appreciate your countless blogs of help & encouragement.  I know that you have helped me...
(6 minutes ago)

Shawn❤Quit❤03-17-2012 posted a comment on this blog post | This Wasn’t A Dream
Ok MIke, I was fooled in the beginning of your blog. I was like oh no, not Mike!!! ....until I read 10 years ago!!!!! Congratulations my friend!!! 10 years is extraordinary!!!
(8 minutes ago)


So our featured member...

July 15, 2014 Comments (6)

View Brenda M's Blog

has a sum of Eight Million, Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars that she wants to give me!


Ahem...marking that as spam.

Comments (6)

I wondered what she was here for. Haven't heard a peep out of her in 16 days.

jonescarp aka dale (1-2007) 78 days ago

Wow, what a lovely "gift"....how incredibly odd.  Oh well, people are "featured" for all kinds of reasons, I GUESS.


elvan 78 days ago

From Findland my arse!  One of us should take that PM with her email address and send it to the Attorney General's office!   I DO love the picture though!

Giulia 78 days ago

What the...!? She wanted to give the money to you, too, Giulia??? I couldn't possibly split the 8.3 United States Dollars two ways!!!

Brenda M 78 days ago

Wait--the money thing wasn't legit? Rats.


EX Admin 78 days ago

That message was such a hoot! She is sending me the money Brenda! 

Strudel (Quit 6-12-10) 77 days ago

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