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Southern outdoorsman with a passion for music, travel, movies, and exploring foreign cuisine.

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Joelstolte wrote a new blog post titled Day 30 of My Quit.
Wow never thought I would be at day 30 but here I  am !!!!!!!  Feels very good to be a non smoker.  30 yrs of smoking quit cold turkey.  I hear the next few months is called no...
(11 minutes ago)

linda.mustafa posted a comment on this blog post | Howdy! Hello and how are you?
Congratulations Eli, so nice to see you again, glad you've accepted the work offer, enjoy it:)
(12 minutes ago)

linda.mustafa posted a comment on this blog post | life
(((((Hugs))))) Now, please , please don't have any cigarettes in the house, please ask your husband for his help on this, you are in NML, it is a tricky road as it is without having them...
(17 minutes ago)


It's what's on the inside that counts...

June 17, 2014 Comments (8)

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THIS is the kind of thing that throws an icy, wet blanket on my slightest thought of smoking.


Comments (8)

It is a wonder they don't blow up when lit! :-( I've heard that ecigs actually have exploded so they must be even better. Hah!

annb 73 days ago

The sad thing is there are so many people that don't have this information and realize what this is doing to them.  I always knew  cigarettes were bad for me but what I did not know until I came to this site and read and learned was the magnatude of the addiction and thousands of chemicals I was inhaling into my body day in and day out. Education is key, then mindset but most of all its that wanting to make that change and sticking to it .

Thanks Storm





Dear Storm,

Just what in the hell is a spun monkey?

Ms. J November, 10 2013 73 days ago

How could we ever "relax" with a cigarette ever again knowing that this crap is in the smoke? Makes me too freaked out to touch one again!

(And, Jackie, after my private message to you, you'll be totally hip to the slang. Ha!)

Storm 73 days ago

I am digging the slang....

Dosen't it make you want to go and suck on a hot tailpipe, same effect I'm sure.

Ms. J November, 10 2013 73 days ago

Great graphic, Storm!  Knowledge is power:the power to make better decisions!

karen 73 days ago

Like I keep saying ... who really "wants" to smoke this?  We don't really want to smoke... people... we think we have to smoke because we are addicted. 

Let the crave pass through you.... have faith in yourself.. you are stronger than nicodemon ... look him in the eye and see him for who he really is ... not your friend... not a comfort... not relief ... he is evil and for many he is death.

linda 73 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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