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Junior wrote a new blog post titled Having a difficult time....
Still smoke free, but missing the motions of smoking. Feeling edgy.   Find myself drinking a bit more alcohol than usual, which is not good for a new quit.   Could use some support--or...
(a minute ago)

Barbara posted a comment on this blog post | On the Mend
Thinking of you, Thomas with love and prayers.
(4 minutes ago)

tjanddj posted a comment on this blog post | Happy Thanksgiving!!!
So much to be thankfull when we are smoke-free. Enjoy your beautiful life. I will celebrate Thanksgiving with you for I too am very thankful for my smoke-free life.
(6 minutes ago)


Day 1

June 17, 2014 Comments (8)

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As noon approaches I plan to quit the smokes...  Although I am going to use to patch to wean myself away from  my addiction to nicotine.  I have tried several time to quit "cold turkey".  I have smoked since I was 16.  It will be 40 years I have smoked on my Birthday this December and I want to be smoke-free for that Birthday.  :-)

Comments (8)

Hello! My quit date was yesterday...this site and the people here are a lifeline! I hope you signed up to receive text messages, too. Those have been very encouraging as well. We just have to decide this is it and we are NOT losing anything but gaining. I work in a medical facility and have seen plenty of people get the dreaded diagnosis. I don't want that to be me. We don't want that for ourselves! Enough is enough. I wish you well. Please contact me if I can help in any way. 

Mary 478 days ago

Greetings and welcome! Have you read Allen Carr's The Easy Way? It's a favorite around here. Hopefully the elders will see your blog shortly and will send you essential links, if not, I'll check back later and send them to you.

Welcome to where you belong.... :)


Day 92

Courage 478 days ago

Welcome and congrats on deciding to quit! You are in the right place! I too smoked for 40 years - I came here and did some reading about this addcition which really helped me (check out - the free course at:  http://quitsmokingonline.com/ and Carr's "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" -http://media.wix.com/ugd/74fa87_2010cc5496521431188f905b7234a829.pdf

Then I stayed for the support. That was a little over 4 years ago! You can do this!! Be sure to do the reading and be sure to stick around! 

Strudel 478 days ago

The only good advice I can give is to stay close to this sight.  You probably won't pick up a cigarette since you'll be wearing the patch but in case you do......come to this site first before you light up.  Give your quit 20 minutes on this site and you'll probably not smoke.  Congratulations on deciding to quit!!

Deena A. Yenni (8-1-15) 478 days ago

Great site to have in our hip pocket...we can pull it out at any time..I also quit with the patches and they worked for me once I figured to take it off at nite. (I was not a late nite or middle of the nite smoker) I put on a fresh one every morning and I didnt feel over loaded with nicotine. I slept better too with out it on. I am on day 450 smoke free.. That man in my head trys to visit every now and then but I am able to push him out of the way.. Quiting is an every day job, but smoking is a death sentence so I choose to keep the job...Good  Luck to you my new friend, you will do just fine...Susie (40 yr. smoker)

Susie 478 days ago

Hey - we both have about the same smoking history.  I started when I was a teenager and have smoked close to 40 years.  I have been smoke-free for 47 days now.  I used the patch and it was really helpful to me - kept me from killing someone lol.  Congratulations on your decision!  Stay close to this site - it has been my salvation many times!

jennifer72113 (5-1-14) 478 days ago

Welcome to our community! Take the time to read the material Strudel gave you. The more you educate yourself about quitting and why we are addicted to nicotine, you increase your chances of having a successful quit.

A good read to understand nicotine addiction:


Another helpful link on early withdrawal symptoms will help you know what to expect when you quit. http://community.becomeanex.org/pg/blog/read/6714261/a-repost-early-withdrawal-symptoms

One more for good measure to get you started in your preparation from another member, Skygirl.


You CAN do this, friend people here, read the blogs of people you think might be helpful to your quit. Comment on other's blogs too, it helps to feel a part of the EX family here. These are real people, just like you and me. We all have one thing in common, we want FREEDOM from smoking! I can tell you, the freedom is wonderful, so join us and let's get you started on the road to freedom too!

Moody (9-18-13) 478 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

Re-learn support with the help of the active EX Community — all part of the EX Plan — a free, personalized online program to help you re-learn life without cigarettes.

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