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Bonnie B. I quit on 02-08-15 posted a comment on this blog post | DAY 6 AND STILL NO SMOKING!!!!
You are doing great and you will learn. Try to laugh at your craves change your thinking about them  don't make it such a fight . You are gaining so much and losing nothing but a poisonous...
(11 minutes ago)

sparky posted a comment on this blog post | HAVE A SAFE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.
Glad you are feeling better ,try to get plenty of rest .
(11 minutes ago)

Youngatheart (7.4.12) posted a comment on this blog post | I can't get to paste. Oh, GOT IT
Not yet!  But - keep trying!  You almost got it. I KNOW you won't smoke over it, though! Nancy P.S.  Did you get the driving done?  How is/did that go?
(14 minutes ago)



May 14, 2014 Comments (14)

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Finally, for the first time in a blog, I feel I can proclaim that I am an EX-SMOKER!


75 days without cigarettes and smoke and ash and stench and shame. 14 days without lozenges, meaning that I am free enough from nicotine and cotinine (nicotine's metabolite/byproduct) that I could, more likely than not, pass the most common saliva tests, urine tests, or blood tests used to detect the presence of nicotine/smoking. I wanted to meet these benchmarks before posting something like this, for some reason. Go figure. It just felt right. (And, yes, I do know that there are wildly different numbers and figures and testing timeframes out there, but I decided on the 2-week choice for myself so I could move on, emotionally.)


The journey still continues, of course, and always will. But, I'm free of the drug now, and accelerating forward on the path with a detoxed body and a clean state of mind I have not known since the age of 18.


Simply stunning!


STORM: 75 


(Note: For me, in my personal quit, "ex-smoker" is the correct and accurate label. I forfeited my status as a "non-smoker" at the age of 18, on the day I finished my first pack of smokes. I understand that many here prefer to be called a "non-smoker" after they quit, and that's totally acceptable for their personal journey.)

Comments (14)

Yay for you!!!!     I love reading your blogs and the thought process that you put together.  I totally understand the EX-SMOKER title.....I guess I just always say (about me) that I am a non-smoker......

No matter what we say.......we just know


Big congrats on 75 days Storm.

Keep it up!

Sharon 282 DOF

Smorgy (quit forever on 8-5-13) 745 days ago

Awesome Storm, Congrats to you! Keep blogging and keeping me posted on your journey, mine is still in it's beginning stages.


CCollins67 745 days ago

Congrats on 75 Days Storm AND being nicotine free!!!! You are doing so great. Yay, Dancing, Clapping!!!

annb❤ 745 days ago

Congratulations!  And I agree, I look at myself as an ex-smoker as well. It just seems to make more sense.

Well, congratulations again! 

Courage 745 days ago

Congratulations Storm on 75 days!!!

Your doing great and am happy for you!!


Mag10Q-Quit July 16 2013 745 days ago

You are simply STUNNING my friend! Simply STUNNING!! And getting closer to the other side of NML.. I can't wait to stretch my hand out to you and ease  you out of there.. Keep rocking your quit - I am proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ms. J November, 10 2013 745 days ago

Way to go! Congratulations.

c2q 745 days ago

Congrats Storm!!..You are inspiring!


indnprincess 745 days ago

I'm liking that big bold 75 next to your name!!!  Glad you feel free!!!  That's a great place to be.

I think I'll call myself an ex-smoker too whenever I feel comfortable enough to proclaim it.  I'm still answering people with "NOPE. I'm still not smoking".  Crazy how some people actually ask me if I've started back smoking yet.  Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence.  I want to answer with something like "No. Still not smoking and I'm sorry I exceeded your expectations of me".

Congrats on that big beautiful 75!!

Cheryl (1-1-14) 745 days ago

Marvelous, simply marvelous! Keep moving forward! 


Moody (9-18-13) 745 days ago

Love it!!! Congrats on 75 days! 

Strudel 745 days ago

Bravo! So glad for you. 

karen 745 days ago

Congratulations on 75 days my friend!! You are ROCKIN this quit! And you are such an inspiration! 

Jaxson1_quit_01-16-2014 745 days ago

75 days!  :-)


So stinkin' proud of you!

Mrs. Rum 744 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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