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marilynhotgram has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | Love Yourself!
This is so true my friend, I hope you had a good day and will enjoy a relaxing evening. ☺ 
(8 minutes ago)

marilynhotgram posted a comment on this blog post | Tuesday's Freedom Train ~~Hopeful 100
Congratulations to everyone on board today, especially if you are celebrating a special milestone today like hopeful congrats on your precious 100 day quit and counting WTG. I am here with 352 DOF...
(10 minutes ago)

Terri posted a comment on this blog post | Err on the side of caution
Proud of you!!!  Call around....maybe there is a place that would give the patches to you free or very low cost...American Lung Assn  American Heart Assn, maybe even some rehab places....
(10 minutes ago)


Answer to Our Prayers!

May 14, 2014 Comments (9)

View Thomas(3-20-2010)'s Blog

Saturday I told the Community about my need for an appropriate apartment for My Wife and I. Well, yesterday we signed a contract! 

Thank You everybody for praying for us - your prayers were heard!

We found a 2 bedroom townhouse in a 4 plex. More mature working couples (not students) live there. It has more space than our current apt and the rent is actually more affordable! 


We're very happy and very grateful! 

Now, for the actual cleaning, organizing, boxing, moving - well, you know! After 8 years residency in one place, the clutter does tend to take over here and there!

By June 1 we'll have a new home and my lungs will have a new lease on life - literally! 

NO SMOKING! Keep them away from your face!

Comments (9)

That's great. Do what you can each day but don't overdo.

jonescarp aka dale (1-2007) 412 days ago

Congratulations.  that is wonderful, and yes take it one step at a time and don't overdo. 


Wanda 412 days ago

Great news Thomas.  Enjoy your new home


keep calm and carry on



nanawendy 12-31-12 412 days ago

Yay, so happy for you both! 

Courage 412 days ago

Glad you found the townhouse for you and your wife!!

You prayers were answered!!!


Mag10Q 412 days ago

Happy for you and your wife!  (-: !

freeneasy 412 days ago

Fantastic! Hope you and your wife enjoy your new digs! :)


Moody (9-18-13) 412 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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