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February 27, 2014 Comments (14)

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hi everyone. Im new to this site, in fact ive never bloged publicly or anything like this. So, Im just gonna wing it and tell yall my story. Hopefuly, it wont be to boring or rambling. Maybe itll even help someone someday.

Untill 3 days ago id been a smoker for 19 years. Im 31 years old now. Yep, i started smoking at 12 when i found a brand new pack of cigretts. I thought i was a rebel, so smoking fit with that for me. Dumb reason to start, i know, but any reason is a dumb one, really. Fast foward 19 years, and Im finally quitting. This is my 3rd attempt in my life to quit, and the first time ive had my doctor's help, so im confdent ill make it this time.

I just spent 6 weeks out of state with my wife as she cared for her dad while he died from lung and brain cancer. He had been a smoker most of his life too. Every day she cried and told me she didnt want our kids to go through with me what she was going through with dad. I dont want that for our kids, her or myself so, I promissed her that when we got home, id quit. I bought the patch and an e-cig (as per my Dr.) and i havent lit up in 3 days. The patch helps with the withdral more than i could have ever imgined! The e-cig gives me something to do with my hands and a boost when i need it.

I know ill have to give up the e-cig and patch too, but for now, im glad to not be smoking.

Comments (14)

Welcome!!  Glad you found us.  So sorry for the pain your family has been through and totally understand why you know you MUST quit now.  I used the patch and I agree, it's a huge help.  You will find a ton of support in this community.  You can find every different smoker's story you could imagine on here but we all have one thing in common.  We are all addicts.  Sucks, but it's true.

You are already 3 days into your quit so you are doing great.  We'll be right here with you through the rest.  Anything we can do to help, just ask.  You're a blogger now.  LOL

Cheryl_1-1-14 1060 days ago

Welcome to our community. One of our elders will be along and post some links to reading materials. I recommend reading them as they have helped quite a few quitters.

As to your e-cig, I'm not a big fan. You are still going through the motions of smoking and drawing that stuff into your lungs. They have also found that many of the e-cigs produce pellets of tin and copper that you suck into your lungs. Cut straws into ciggie length and use those to keep your hands busy.

Holler if you need help and someone will come running to try and help you as best we can.


oldbones5358-Larry_10-21-2013 1060 days ago

Welcome to our community!


Did you know that the anxiety you felt when you quit smoking previously  was caused by the nicotine receptors in your brain demanding to be fed?  You are a nicotine ADDICT and there ARE withdrawal symptoms.  The most important thing you can do  is to educate yourself on what nicotine does to your mind and body. To that end, I highly recommend Allen Carr's “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.” This is an easy and entertaining read. Here is a link to a free PDF version of it:




As well, read the sections on this site, and read the blogs, responses and pages of folks you think might be helpful. You might also want to visit quitsmokingonline.com, and whyquit.com.

Don't reach for the e-cig every time you feel uncomfortable (we call them craves).   The idea is to distract yourself through them.  You can take slow, deep breaths, go for a walk, play a computer game, do a crossword, bite into a lemon (yup, rind and all).   Here is a link to a list of 100 things to do instead of smoke if you need fresh ideas:






The conversation in your head CANNOT be:  "I want a cigarette.  No!  But - I WANT a cigarette.  NO!"  Instead, it needs to be "I want a cigarette.  Well, since I have decided not to do that anymore, what shall I do instead for the three minutes this crave will last?"  Then DO it!

We are glad you are here.  Stay close to us and ask questions as you have them and for support when you need it.  We will be with you every step of the way!




Youngatheart.7.4.12 1059 days ago

So proud of you for making this decision and so very sorry for your wife and your loss. Watching a parent die is horrible.  I have done it and it is so terribly painful.  My daughter used the patch and said that it really did help her tremendously.  I did not use anything because I got really sick and quit because of that.  I smoked for a long time and I have done a great deal of damage to myself, some may not be reversible.  I don't know what to tell you about the e-cig because I don't know enough about it.  I do know that whatever you do. you HAVE to wean down, follow the directions with the patch and do whatever your doc says to do with the e-cig.  Remember that the cravings really do not last, they will go away with or without a smoke.  I didn't believe that when I first heard it but it is absolutely true.

You can do this and we are all here to help you in any way that we can.

elvan 1059 days ago

You did it !! you blogged your story, and opened up to a group of really great people who CARE that you are quit and will help you to stay quit !!! I am on day 48, I quit cold turkey because i had the flu and then pneumonia...doc said the pneumonia was from smoking !!! i was in bed for 3 weeks straight coughing for hours and could not stop coughing, could not sleep it hurt to breathe and I was wheezing and raspy and it was so awful. i said to myself if ever i would feel what it feels like to have lung cancer, this is it, and what i felt was probably only a tiny little bit of what the real thing feels like.  I am so sad for your family's loss of your father in law. I hope you take the advice Nancy and the others gave, and definitiely read the book written by Allen Carr. after I finished the book, there was no doubt in my mind, no fear, no way I will ever put one of those nasty stinky killorettes in my mouth again !!!  You will do this. tell your little devil voice that tries to talk you into smoking that you will not smoke, because you don't do that anymore. done. find a distraction that is fun to do when you get a craving to smoke and go do that instead. look forward to doing the fun thing instead of smoke. I bought a coloring book and crayons.  a little silly for a 47 year old woman, but hey, i would rather be silly than smoking.  as for the e-cig, i threw mine away. so glad i did. i don't want to do anything to make me fail this quit. this is my third and forever quit.  i never felt this happy and confident about being a non smoker before. I am not afraid to live my life without cigarettes. I am FREE from the slavery of that addiction. you are still addicted, and you have some work ahead of you to get off the e-cig and the patch, but you are headed in the right direction. read that book, and whatever you do, don't smoke !!! 

Ladybug21 1059 days ago

Addiction to nicotine hurts when we have to say goodbye. It should hurt and we will re member how sad this crap made us feel .

Moody_9-18-13 1059 days ago

Hello, it's nice to meet you. It's wonderful that you have started this journey. And remember, we are here for support. The first few months are the hardest. You will feel like you are going crazy, but you aren't and won't. We have ALL been there. I wouldn't repeat the first months if you paid me! But this site is wonderful and full of support and kindess. If you get a craving, before you light up, if you are able, log on to this site and do some reading and post a blog. By the time you're done seeking support and keeping your hands busy, your craving will be over. There is no problem out there that cigarettes will fix. Always repeat to yourself that you are a non smoker now. 

i quit smoking using the e cig and my husband used the patch only. He didn't care for the ecig. I think because it doesn't have the same "stuff" you know? Here are the companies that I used. Premium batteries can be used with V2 cartidges. The premium batteries last the longest and the V2 cartridges are the best price and have the best taste. Again good luck and we are here for support. 

maraisa 1059 days ago

HI, glad to hear you have made the decision to stop smoking. However I would never advise anyone who was trying to quit to use the patch and ecigs at the same time. It can lead to you consuming to much nicotine. The most important thing to do is read as much as you can about nicotine addiction--because it is just a portion of the problem. The more you read, blog, and read, read, read; the more you will change your mind about how you want to live your life. Love yourself first and love your family.

Promise_Judy621_8-28-13 1059 days ago

Welcome...so sorry for your loss...that is how my dad passed also, lung cancer that metastasized to the brain...very sad...I will pray for your family, and for your success with your quit...

You are making the best decision in the world for you and your family...you definitely can do this...

There are people on this site who can help you with that...I'm rooting for you!!

cheyenne7 1059 days ago

First....CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to quit!!!

Second....reading about our addiction and why it has a "hold" on us is essential for understanding how to keep your quit and maintain a smoke-free wonderful life!

Keep blogging....keep reading and let us know more about you.  By interacting with people on the site keeps you focused on your quit.

Here is a book that has helped a lot of us maintain our quit...please read.

Link for Allen Carr's book: http://media.wix.com/ugd/74fa87_2010cc5496521431188f905b7234a829.pdf

Again, Welcome & Congratulations!!!


Dakota_Posse_Quit_2_13_11 1059 days ago

Thank you all for your advice and suport! Nancy, Ladybug and Cindy, Ill be checking out that Allen carr book, thank you for the links. :-)

natyancy 1059 days ago

You have made the best decision in your life!!!  So very happy for you.  Drink lots of water and when a crave hits do some slow deep breathing.  The first 2 to 3 weeks you will feel a little out of sorts but that is your body adjusting to your new healthy self!!

LouiseR 1059 days ago

Let me correct myself. Using the patch and e cig together is fine as long as the e cig is zero mg. Ask any doctor. 

maraisa 1059 days ago

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