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8 days and going strong

February 27, 2014 Comments (7)

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I read somewhere that in the 2nd week of quitting you get an average of 3 cravings a day that last for about 3 minutes. And in the 3rd week of quitting, you get an average of 2 cravings a day.

If the cravings are what am getting now - MUCH lighter than the first few days of absolute misery, I really really think I can kick the bad habit in the butt. 

I was running the other day and really felt like I could inhale a lot deeper. 

I'm loving the good changes but.... I'm still bloated and constipated! My stomach feels huge! I'm eating yoghurt and prunes and drinking plenty of water so I reallllly hope the discomfort goes away soon!

Comments (7)

The nicotine played havoc on your digestive system and it is recovering.  It takes some folks longer than others.  I suggest you first try a stool softener before a laxative....but you probably need more power if the prunes didn't help.

It's all part of the journey;  in the early part of the journey some days the good is outweighed - but I promise you in the end it will be far and  away worth the effort.



Youngatheart.7.4.12 1056 days ago

You might also try taking magnesium, like a 250mg dose, available in the vitamin section of places like Walmart.  I had to start taking it for muscle cramps and it keeps things moving, in fact I had to lower my dose after experimenting a bit with it.  I get bloated too but I think that is also part of drinking all of the water.  I think it is just taking time.  I couldn't button my pants yesterday for work but I don't THINK I have gained that much weight.  My scales are either broken or else both of us are in denial.  

Eight days is wonderful, keep it up, you will find that you get stronger and stronger and the urges get weaker and weaker.

elvan 1056 days ago

wow you are awesome ! running ! that's great. I can't run yet.... I can walk 3 miles at most, and hike up hills, but running is way out of my league.  you rock !! I was also constipated for about a week or a little more. much better now. i am at day 48. i am gaining some weight, but once this weather warms up in WV i will be out there walking and hiking as much as I can.  the cravings definitely go away. i didn't have any cravings last couple of days. i still think about smoking, cuz that's what happens, you think about it, but you don't want to do it anymore.  read allen carrs book if you have not already read it. it will help! you can do this!!! dont buy them, dont bum them, and don't smoke them. and you will keep your quit. done !

Ladybug21 1056 days ago

Congrats on 8 days!! WTG!!

Your doing great, keep going forward!!!


Magstoyou 1056 days ago

It takes some time for our bodies to get used to the changes but it will get better and better, you sure can kick this adiction! Congratulations on 8 days! Stay strong!

Polynha 1055 days ago

I took dulcolax which is a stool softener for the first 3 months and that helped.  I also took gas x daily to help with the bloating.  Hang in there because it does get better just takes time and it is soo worth it to be smoke free!

LouiseR 1055 days ago

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Congratulations on 3 days. The worst is over. Lot's of people trying to quit never make it this far. Doesn't it feel good to be a winner? The bad news is, only 3 - 6% of people who quit...
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