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43 Days Free!!!

February 25, 2014 Comments (15)

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Today is my 37th birthday and I am smoke free!!!  Yay!  43 days smoke free!!!  It feels great!  It has been a struggle, but I have done it!  I have been thinking about cigarettes a lot latey, but I keep on telling myself N.O.P.E.!  It has been working!  I am alive!  I am well!  I am not completely happy  just quite yet, but I am getting there! 

Comments (15)

Happy Happy Birthday!! Congrats on 43 days smoke free.  Remember, you do not smoke anymore. Isn't that awesome.  I hope you have a wonderful smoke free day.

Louise 9-11-13 401 days ago

                                          Happy Birthday!!! ENJOY!!!

Just think, this is the year that you will not have had any cigarettes at this age...that is so awesome...

                                          VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!

cheyenne 401 days ago

Happy Birthday and Congrats on your 43 days, that is awesome!

Ms. "J"

Ms. J November, 10 2013 401 days ago

Happy Birthday and Congrats on your 43 days, that is awesome!

Ms. "J"

Ms. J November, 10 2013 401 days ago

Happy Birthday and 43 days on your quit is fantastic. I knew you could do it. Don't worry about those thoughts about cig's. Anytime you get one just remind yourself WHY you stop smoking.


Promise Judy621 (8-28-13) 401 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And great job on 43 Days. Thats a REALLY great B-Day present


Luxie 401 days ago

Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your 43rd day! Your future-self loves you for it :)


Marilyn (marmac) Quit Date 07-31-13 401 days ago

Happy Birthday and Happy 43rd Re-Birthday!!  43 days into your smoke free life.  Good for you.  You're in control and doing great!!

Cheryl (1-1-14) 401 days ago

Thank you all!  I appreciate it!!!  It feels great!!!

Jenn (06-03-14) 401 days ago

Wow....I wish I was a creative as some of the folks here with the pictures. but

Happy smoke free Birthday to you!!


jonnyfry 400 days ago

Happy 37 and congratulations on 43 days!! Keep adding the days.

JRC 400 days ago

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!  It is much appreciated for sure!

Jenn (06-03-14) 400 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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