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puffthemagicdragon posted a comment on this blog post | It's coming
I'd better get my equipment tested and prepped.  Do I have to change the oil in my snow blower annually, or just top it off? BTW ... I laughed.  Trying to be funny and then worrying...
(8 minutes ago)

Brenda M posted a comment on this blog post | I haven't been around hardly at all this past week.....
Thomas, I hope you're okay. Glad you're out of the hospital!
(11 minutes ago)

johio posted a comment on this blog post | I haven't been around hardly at all this past week.....
Thomas...I hope and pray you are feeling better......You have always been there for me......If you want to talk ...I will be there for you....either way I am here for you Your...
(13 minutes ago)


double-digit dreams

February 10, 2014 Comments (4)

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got into double digits over the weekend, twelve days clean today.  had smoking dreams every night of the weekend.  honestly, i sort of liked them.  recognized immediately they were dreams.  even while i was dreaming, i thought, "this is weird, why am i smoking?  I don't smoke."

started exercising over the weekend too.  man did it feel good to run a little bit and not be wheezing my face off.  I can really notice a difference after only 12 days.  looking forward to how ten times that feels.  anyway, hope everyone's quits were maintained over the weekend and that it wasn't too difficult.


Comments (4)

Congrats on 12 days of freedom. Your are on your way to many more days of exciting new experiences.


Promise Judy621 (8-28-13) 604 days ago

What a great blog! Congrats on double digits and your positive take on the smoking dreams...Apply that everywhere and you are golden friend! xo

joyeuxencore 11♥5♥12 604 days ago

Very Good!

enjoy the benefits, enjoy the journey

jonescarp aka dale (1-2007) 604 days ago

Congratulations on 12 days! Is good that you are liking your dreams since you are having so many, I had them a lot too but mine were a little disturbing for me, don't really know why. Stay strong!

Polynha1 604 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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