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Ok...here I go..no smokes.

January 22, 2014 Comments (17)

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Not gonna buy any...snowed in today and usually I would of stocked up on them before hand. Been on the chantix 2 full weeks with no side affects, at least that I can tell. Have been down to around a half a pack and barely been smoking that. I always throw them out after a couple of drags. Kind of losing interest in it..guess the chantix is blocking the part of my brain that gets relaxation out of them. Last night after talking to a new friend here who also used chantix I decided to move my  quit date up. Now after posting here I am also making myself accountable for my quit. SO....lets get ready to rumble...at least hear me whine, mope and cry a bit! Lol Shoo...just posting this has given me some relief that I am not doing this alone. My lasts quits were also the last of the support I got from family...now their reaction is like...sure..what ever! Hubby still supportive but he doesn't shower me with praise like before. Well guys...here I go..your gonna see a lot of me. So is Allen Carr's book!

Comments (17)

You GO!


You CAN do this.  Now DO it!


Youngatheart.7.4.12 1092 days ago

Great! Welcome to the team. You CAN do this!

I used to take a couple of (long/hard) drags and then throw them out too. 1/2 the cig - twice the cost, sigh and why? 

Hubby will soon be singing your priases again!  

KLV 1092 days ago

Yep I was smoking literally two puffs and throwing it out. Crazy...I don't even think its cause I wanted..it was just that time..habit..etc. So far today...kind of feel lost..nervous like in a scared way..and not having actual physical withdrawals...just emptiness kind of feeling. Like I am missing something. I know a few weeks from now the only thing I will be missing is shortness of breath, stinkiness, bad breath, coughing, chest tightness, and inconvienence as well as a shortage to my wallet. Oh wait...why would I miss any of that? I won't! 


janetlynn 1092 days ago

One day at a time you CAN DO it

freeneasy 1092 days ago

Congrats on your choice to move up that date!  You can do this!  It does get easier, and you won't miss a thing.  Stay close, blog as often as you need.  Keep reading the material that is recommended and stay focused on whats important - YOU!  



Marlene_mlpepsi517 1092 days ago

Welcome back, Janetlynn!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! Keep stacking those days!!

Candy       d134

Candylance_11-2-15 1092 days ago

You are in a good spot... called FREEDOM enjoy..Susie

Susie49 1092 days ago

What you are missing is an old loyal, consistent friend who was (until today) always there for you. Lets call him Mr. stinky pants. He is nasty and you dont need friends like him anymore. What you are feeling is normal. Just think of all things to do with your extra time now. It's a new beginning.

KLV 1092 days ago

Welcome ... non smoker!

linda258 1092 days ago

Great news.. keep up the good work, you will get there.. I cant beleive i have made it to day 51.. i rarley even think about smoking.. once a day if at all it seems... or i just dont remember that i thought about it.. either way.. im done.. you will be too, and im sure hubby is proud.. just holding back his praise.. get a week or two under your belt and your family, friends and hubby will be singing your praises..


Scott d51

cspelliott 1092 days ago

Yahoo on choosing to become smoke free.  You can do this!!

LouiseR 1092 days ago

Thanks every body...yep its only 12:30 and I am feeling moody lol, just the kids frustrating me about the snow. My son just got his license and wants to drive his truck out in it to go to his fathers house..Ugh..Stresser #1, Stresser # 2...sick cat all night kept me up...he has cystitis and was meowing all night and back and forth to the litter box. I was up all night with him. Stresser #3...being house bound with no energy...and feeling missing my routine...but really still not having physical cravings...just can't stop thinking about what to do and remembering  I don't have any smokes to smoke..and Stresser # 4 my horses water keeps freezing and they are a few miles from my house...The temps are supposed to be below freezing so it makes me worry. Horses can colic when they don't have enough to drink.  So...guess smokes can't fix any of those things though...right? Only thing I can do is refocus on how to resolve  these issues some how and not let them overburden me with stress. 


janetlynn 1092 days ago

When you have the moments thinking of a smoke.. just re-program your brain.. instead of saying, I wish i had a smoke right now.. say "I'm so glad i dont need to smoke anymore"  works for me at least.

I have horses as well, but do live in AZ so the water dosnt freeze much, my dads in northern AZ does, and he puts river rocks in the bottom and has a fish tank heater and a fishtank power head that keeps the water moving.   Thats helps.. i suppose throwing the river rocks in the tank will help too.. LOL


cspelliott 1092 days ago

Distract yourself, watch some comedy or read some, it helps to distract and improve your mood, you most be tired if the cat kept you awake, take a nap, it helps too. Stay strong! You can do it!

Polynha1 1092 days ago

I am so proud of you I can hardly stand it.  You GOT this.  Please see my PM.

Also please read this list below again.  Yep, again.

Here it is:



Love you gal.  You keep going one day at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is good that you quit in the middle of a rodeo not in a bubble!  Reality quitting is a good thing cuz life will go on without those da+n sickorettes!  Ya don't need 'em.



Stac2 1092 days ago

PS  - thank you for quitting on the night of my 300.  What a gift for me Janetlynn.  I mean it, it really moves me.  Look at the coincidences with us girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stac2 1092 days ago

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