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Quit on 09-December-2013 :: Cold Turkey

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JACKIE posted a comment on this blog post | About to be: 932 Days
You are correct it is our choice everyday to be a non smoker.
(10 minutes ago)

John 10.16.14 has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | My Journey to "Back to Healthy"
DANG is right! I just saw freezing temps and snow forcasted for the northern midwest states. Can't believe it. Enjoy your holiday weekend!
(2 hours ago)

John 10.16.14 has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | Shawn's journey
I'm sorry to hear about your sinus problems. That time of year with pollens and allergies too, which probably do not help at all! I hope you get to feeling better. Thanks for your kind words...
(2 hours ago)


Happy Birthday

January 22, 2014 Comments (16)

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Today is my 44th Birthday.

I am celebrating each birthday with great happiness.

My thanks and my sincere best wishes to all of my friends on Ex community.

Wish me to reach my 3650th birthday in the same joyful mood and zealous attitude.

Hope to see each and every one of you on this road to freedom!!!

Comments (16)

Happpy birthday, Murali!! You have a great quit going!!

Candy    d134

candylance Quit 1-11-15 486 days ago

Big congrats on 44 days of Freedom!    Do celebrate each and every day that you do this journey.    Stay strong and stay close!


Smorgy (quit forever on 8-5-13) 486 days ago

Hi Murali,

Happy Birthday!

So nice to celebrate by being smoke free. Getting healthier as each day goes by and looking more beautiful because smoking isn't aging you (and me) both on the inside and outside.

Enjoy your day!

Patty-cake (Quit 6-8-12) 486 days ago

After I look at your profile, I see you are at 44 days of freedom. So I definitely misunderstood this birthday blog. 

All of the above still applies, Congrats on 44 days of freedom. :)

Patty-cake (Quit 6-8-12) 486 days ago

Great job on your 44 day quit.

You are doing awesome! We are in NML together.

Stay strong and keep moving forward.

KLV 486 days ago

Happy Birthday! Come party on the Train!!

cyn 486 days ago

Congrats!     Would write more but TOTALLY distracted by Thomas's bouncing butts..

linda 486 days ago

Congrats to you on 44 days!

freeneasy 486 days ago

Congradulations on 44 days ......will see you 0n day 3650.........and on day 5000......and on day  FOREVER !!!!.......all with the same smoke free joy


kloud9 486 days ago

Happiest of birthdays to you!

EX Admin 486 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  Each smoke free day is a celebration!

Love the dancing butts! :) Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Roxie 1-16-2014 485 days ago

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