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Live on a farm, have my own business, husband and 2 girls, one just graduated college and my baby,high school

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Cindiboo has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | Declare your Independence from smoking
Hi Lillian and Joyce!! I got ya both and holding on tight! Here we go No Smoking no matter what!! We got this ladies!! Extend my other hand for next to pledge. yes I can .... Already did...
(2 minutes ago)

Legend Quit 10-31-08 posted on shashort (5-13-2016)'s message board (11 minutes ago)

Legend Quit 10-31-08 posted on shashort (5-13-2016)'s message board (14 minutes ago)



January 4, 2014 Comments (9)

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Awesome 2013. Feels like I've been quit forever. Cant even remember smoking and never ever want to. So sucked....sucked the breath and life and energy and money right and left out of me! Will never regret quitting that nasty ugly stinking not worth a dime crap! Feeling so blessed, lucky, happy, awesome feelings in the world ever!

Comments (9)

You HAVE almost been quit forever!  :-)

Thanks for stopping by to temind us that it just gets better and better!


Youngatheart (7.4.12) 937 days ago

Hi Jeannie,

You and I share the same quit date. But you quit in 2009 and I quit in 2012. I'm with you. No regrets. I celebrate every day that I'm free. 

Patty-cake (Quit 6-8-12) 937 days ago

Now, this is something I will keep in my thoughts when urges get tough...thanks for sharing the image of the sweet rainbow that is awaiting us...looking forward to it with excitement : )

cheyenne 937 days ago

Yes it is the best ever youngatheart! And Patty oh so cool we share the same day! Most wonderful day of our life!

jeannie 937 days ago

Cheyenne , so excited for you!

jeannie 937 days ago

Way to go !! Now, Not One Puff Ever!! You've GOT IT!!

Candy    d116

Candylance 11♥2♥15 937 days ago

Never touch my lips again Candy! NOPE

jeannie 937 days ago

WTG Jeannie been a great ride...

Rick M 935 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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