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Giulia posted a comment on this blog post | 2800
2800 sure-footed hooved steps, you sturdy old goat.  (You may not have the quit clock on our page, but you seem to know the amount of days anyway.)    If two years drops the recidivism...
(38 minutes ago)

linda.mustafa posted a comment on this blog post | Health Update... Thank you for caring!
So nice to hear from you again Stace, I really wish you get better very very soon , and congratulations for keeping them away from your face regardless of how you feel,...
(39 minutes ago)

Giulia posted a comment on this blog post | 50 days yayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(an hour ago)


Stopped to say Hello

December 18, 2013 Comments (10)

View Judy621 (08-28-13)'s Blog

Just stopped in to say Hello!

When I signed in it said I am 112 days on my quit. I don't like the word quit so let's just say 112 days of freedom.

Maybe I can get on tomorrow and get caught up with everyone. I have a Christmas party to go to but no elf duties later.

Speaking of elves, I have had a wonderful time working this gig, and the kids are all great--been to four childrens wards this week. Oh yes Santa says he knows all of you have been good. You know the big guy is watching--so be good for goodness sake.


Comments (10)

Congratulations on 112 days of freedom!

Polynha1 258 days ago

I think that is the most wonderful part of quitting, freedom from being controlled, needing a fix. Glad you have your freedom!

Moody (9-18-13) 258 days ago

grats to all that fredoom and wishing you many more

Wishingstar (Renee) 258 days ago

but for goodness sakes, don't overindulge on the sake

jonescarp aka dale (1-2007) 258 days ago

Remind the Big Jolly guy that I have been a good girl and have stopped smoking so don't forget about that Pandora bracelet

keep calm and carry on



nanawendy 12-31-12 258 days ago

I'm with Youngatheart, define good! LOL

JenChristopherson 258 days ago

I'm with Wendy and the Pandora bracelet! I've been very good...OK so now define VERY!!!

CONGRATS on your 112 days of  freedom Judy...xo


joyeuxencore 11♥5♥12 258 days ago

Congratulations on 112 days of Freedom!! I have been sort of good but doing better. That must count!!

JRC 258 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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