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December 18, 2013 Comments (15)

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This week seems different than last. I get frustrated often and every little thing upsets me. Today's morning was terrible. All I was thinking about was to have one cigarette, but I didn't...I feel better now. I am wondering about e-cigarette. Should I get one for days such as today?

Comments (15)

Hi there!

How long ago did you quit? Are you using patches, losenges, or any other nicotine aids? 

There is really no benefit to using the ecig. Why put more nicotine in your system? That just prolongs withdrawal. Why "pretend" to smoke when that's the very behavior you're trying to unlearn? 

You can do this! Distract yourself, drink lots of water, come here and read. The first few weeks are uncomfortable but the only way out is to keep moving forward! 

SarahP 1127 days ago

listen to Sarah. One of the things i read about (and wholeheartly agree with) is that NRT treatments are not the answer. It angers me that the success rate of quitting with NRT is less than 6%! After three days the nicotine is gone. It's just an angry dragon at this point that has gotten his way for so long, he doesn't like it when you deny him his fix. Keep up the fight. Cold turkey is the only way to put him to sleep for ever. You can't kill him because his name is addition but don't feed him and he'll be quieter and quieter as time goes by!

tim0921 1127 days ago

You can't have JUST one, they travel in packs. Just keep moving forward. You have quit, you don't want to start over.

Phyllis-12-7-15 1127 days ago

What you are feeling is perfectly normal.  Here is a link to an earlier blog with early withdrawal symptoms that I think you will find helpful:


Your body is going through a lot of changes and it takes a bit to adjust.  Don't reintroduce nicotine in ANY form if you are not currently using an NRT - including the e-cig.  

The way to get through the tough times is to distract yourself!  You can take slow, deep breaths, go for a walk, play a computer game, do a crossword, bite into a lemon (*yup, rind and all).   .Here are links to lists of 114 things to do instead of smoke if you need fresh ideas:






The conversation in your head CANNOT be:  "I want a cigarette.  No!  But - I WANT a cigarette.  NO!"  Instead, it needs to be "I want a cigarette.  Well, since I have decided not to do that anymore, what shall I do instead for the three minutes this crave will last?"  Then DO it!

Keeping adding the time, sometimes even hour by hour.  It adds up to mornings/afternoons/evenings and then days.  Days add up to weeks, weeks to months.  It gets easier and easier after the first 2-3 weeks.


Youngatheart.7.4.12 1127 days ago

short answer is NO. stay strong! what you think you want will pass.

iaviksfan 1127 days ago

Do not buy a ecig. You will have good and bad times, you will have to get through it, believe that you can and you will. It will get easier, meanwhile get busy, distract yourself and come here and ask for help if you need. YOU CAN DO IT!

Polynha1 1127 days ago

Ecig was the WORST thing I ever tried.  It only makes you MORE addicted to nicotine than ever cuz you can smoke them anywhere.  Do not buy into the lie of them!!!!!!!!!

My humble advice, please just take what you need from the below and leave the rest.  I may have even sent this to you before, but it doesn't hurt to reinforce what really works.

Strongly suggest the following readings:

John Ryan’s www.quitsmokingonline.com.  You can read on your computer free, or for a $20 contribution they will download it to you via Adobe. Then you can print it. You'll also get a daily support email for three weeks.

Allen Carr’s “Easy Way to Quit Smoking.”  Here is a link to a free copy:


Plan for what to do instead of smoke – check out this list:


Write a list of your reasons for quitting and post it on your page, and keep with you at all times.  Write a farewell letter to sickorettes telling them why you no longer want them in your life.  Both are great to refer back to as you continue your journey.

Stay on this site as much as possible and listen to these folks on here. They have your back. And if you need to, do the readings (Carr & Quitsmokingonline) again. Yes, again. I say this from EXperience! The more we read the readings and delve into the wisdom on this site, the less room nicodemon has. Reinforcement is good - retrain the brain.

The readings are essential. Getting the proper mindset is THE key. Go look at that list of things to do. I’ll say it again- stay close to this site.  

When you need or want to, blog: a) distracts nicodemon; b) helps you help yourself; c) introduces you to new friends on this site; d) gives you a wealth of support from folks on this site; e) by the time passes from you writing and you reading the replies, any craving you may have had will likely have – passed!

When you find someone on this site whose comments resonate with you... go to their page and read some of their old blogs and the comments to those blogs.  There, you will likely find affirmation.  There are many golden nuggets on this site.

I PROMISE you it does get better. Please trust us when we tell you that. We mean it.

It is WIT (Whatever It Takes) time. Knaw on that gum. Suck a lemon. Jumping jacks (exercise releases that dopamine that brain likes!). A bath. A nap. A tall glass of water......

You CAN and WILL do this.

Not smoking deprives you of nothing.  Smoking deprives you of everything.

Cigarettes are not worth the trouble, and you are worth the effort.


"Nicotine doesn’t relieve it, it causes it." Allen Carr

The task ahead of you is never as great as the power behind you.

Stac2 1127 days ago

You got through the day without an e cigarette. You don't need it. Use what you've learned from the site to get you through. You're doing great!!!

JRC 1127 days ago

I was cracked out on E-cig and I don't think they are safe the patch or gum would be better but nothing would be best a lot of us on here quit after 30,40,50,60 years of heavy smoking cold turkey 

GreenThumb3 1127 days ago

hoiw long would you want to stay on nicotine?

i believe in unlearning smoking while using the aid.

if you're going to use an aid, the patch is based on what you smoked per day and thus, the addict doesn't have the keys to the cookie jar.

your exercise will give you the dopamine release you seek.

remember what you are doing here and when the bs pops up, think about that.

jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 1127 days ago

I just got stronger craves for a "real" cigarette when I used the e-cig.

JenChristopherson 1126 days ago

I just got stronger craves for a "real" cigarette when I used the e-cig.

JenChristopherson 1126 days ago

Thank you all. I don't use any of the NRT. I think I just had a momnet when i was writing my previous post. Anyway. I did not get e-cig. I feel much better now

agatka79 1126 days ago

Sounds like a great day though! Stay strong! :)

Danni2 1126 days ago

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