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Barbara posted a comment on this blog post | 7+7+7= 21
You are doing wonderfully, Candy.  I could not be happier for you!
(just now)

candylance Quit 1-11-15 posted a comment on this blog post | Be Stunning
Sheri, thank you for calling me "AMAZING" today on my blog. I wanted to rip off my shirt (just kidding) and pound my chest like a gorilla. People, on days that YOU aren't all...
(3 minutes ago)

Sootie quit November 15, 2009 posted a comment on this blog post | 2 weeks
Congratulations on two weeks! Have you gotten your bread and milk for the BIG storm? People who never eat bread or drink milk HAVE to get to the store : ) Be safe tomorrow.
(8 minutes ago)


Day 28

October 20, 2013 Comments (3)

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The first day i wrote, it was tough, however i gave in for that weekend and started my quit again on monday sept. 23, i have not picked up a cigg since. every time i have tried to quit in the past i did not make it past the first 3 days. I am very proud of myself at this time............i have made it to almost a month. it has not been to bad, i have and e-cigg, a vapor that does help with the habitual part. but mixing that with the patch and welbutron has proved to be a sucess. I cant even stand the smell of them anymore. I waited a while to blog again, cuz it took so much brain power for a while to just get through each day. Thanks for all the help!

Comments (3)

Good for you....it's important for us to recognize each step along this journey with pride in what we're doing GOOD for ourselves.          Word of caution...be careful about e-cig.  I used it in the beginning too and then started reading some of the research on it that was posted here on the site.    In summary 1) they are unregulated so you don't know what you're getting and 2) still doing the hand to mouth habit which we need to also break.     I decided one day about half way in my quit (now 77 days) and put it away.   Haven't touched it since.      Do some reading about it.    If you put e-cigarette in the search engine on top of this page you can read what has been said.     Also, Thomas does a Monday education blog and frequently has links about this topic.

Just keep strong and work on this (most important in your life) journey!


Smorgy (quit forever on 8-5-13) 468 days ago

Congrats on 28 days, feels pretty good doesn't it! 

Have you heard about No Man's Land yet? It's the phase of a quit that starts at the end of the first month. It's nothing to be afraid of, just another stage of quitting when things change a bit. The more you're prepared, the better it will be. Here's a link to the original blog about it on Dale's page: 


You can also visit my page -- I do a blog every Wednesday afternoon about it. 

Keep going! 


Sarah (March 2011) 468 days ago

Thank you Sarah for this link, it opened my eyes to things i wouldnt have thought about, now I will make extra sure to watch for the no mans land triggers.

Leslierobins 467 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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