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Day 21, Busy Weekend!

October 13, 2013 Comments (3)

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Today is Day 28 on Chantix and Day 21 smoke free!

Friday I drove 4 hours to NC to meet up with my friend. She is a social smoker but smoked a lot more in the past, and gave me my first cigarette. We have a lot fond memories of smoking together. We went out for dinner and she smoked and I did not and that was that.

Saturday we ran a 5k together in honor of her son for a local autism society. I ran the whole way and had enough energy to sprint to the finish and finished in 30:18. That was a best for me (and still relatively slow enough that it leaves some room for future improvement)!! I am signed up for another 5k this upcoming Saturday. I listened to an audio book again on the drive and it really helped keep my mind off any cravings, I guess, because I didn't really have any.

Today I had a flag football game and visited my best friend for her son's 1st birthday and cleaned and went grocery shopping and dropped some stuff off at Goodwill. I will definitely be going to bed early :)

In other words, made it just fine :D

According to my app I am 2 weeks 6 days smoke free and have saved $74. Awesome!

Comments (3)

Congratulations on the run! You sound like its been an awesome weekend! You are doing so great with not smoking!

Keep going!!!

Kat 1081 days ago

Wow...I need a nap just reading this!!! Good for you friend! Sounds like your beautiful smokefree life is well on track...Especially with these weekly 5ks...You better not smoke!! xolol

I can't imagine your friend feels very good about smoking as a runner...Did you talk about your quit? just curious...xo

CONGRATS on 3 weeks smokefree! xo

joyeuxencore 11♥5♥12 1081 days ago


I'm not sure how she feels about it. I know she doesn't smoke that much, and we sort of talked about it, but I kept it more about my experiences and how great I feel vs. asking her much, because I didn't want to be preachy. She will finally quit when she is ready I'm sure :)

7itsotuvbb 1080 days ago

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Ed, I am happy to take your hand as I pledge not to smoke today, no matter what.  I extend my other hand to the next person in line waiting to pledge. Ellen 983 DOF
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Good Morning I gladly take your hand Kimberly and hold on tight.I pledge to not smoke for today and offer my free hand to the next in line to pledge! We are suppose to get rain here...
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