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exactly one week at 11 am this morning was my last cig...

October 7, 2013 Comments (11)

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Well ive had 3 pieces of gum in 6 days. I cut them in half. This morning was first morning I didnt have apiece until 6 hours later. It is usually driving. The cravin hit my brain hard. I still have tough time driving.  Hope that I dont get addicted to the gum.

Comments (11)

Congrats on 1 week, that's fantastic! 

The gum is giving you nicotine. You're using so little of it, maybe consider switching to regular mint gum or something like that? Then you can finish getting the nicotine out of your system and you won't have to worry about the gum any longer. Just a thought, take it or leave it. 

Either way, stick close to this site!  You're doing great! 


SarahP 1203 days ago

Go Go Go Forward and never look back YAY !!!!!!   Great Job :)

Sherry102 1203 days ago

Terrific Sam!!!

 I'm a day behind you. I tried the gum once. Instead, I use 3 Altoid mints (total calories 10) and let them individually slowly disolve. Sounds corney but I pretend they are chasing the stupid urge away!

JRC 1203 days ago



you may get craves but if you've only used 3 pieces in 6 days they may not be completely nicotine driven

WhoGnu_1-2007 1203 days ago

Sugarless blubble gum is my go to. and its good for your theeth. 

grats keep that count up clock ticking


Wishingstar_Renee 1203 days ago

Sam you are doing SO GREAT!!!! I agree with trying regular sugarless gum...I bought a ton of it but Trident tropical was my favorite!

Driving was my biggest trigger and I am just here to tell you that NOW when I see people smoking while driving I think "OH poor them they HAVE to smoke because they are addicted and I AM NOT YIPPPEEE!!!"

My car smells so sweet and I have a febreeze scent in the AC vents...I love to sing oon the way to work now instead of smoke nd choke! xo

joyeuxencore_11-5-12 1203 days ago

Great job Sam!

So proud of you!

Stay strong!

smorgy8513 1203 days ago

Thanks guys! I think ive just used the gum to get rid of the bad mood. Well ive chewed some toothpicks to death.  Most of the time im thrilled ive quit. Im not scared to get close to people in fear that I smell like them. I have used ms. Joys advice and envisioned being free. So I think of myself with wings.  :D

sam22-2 1203 days ago

In the car, you might try keeping a cold, cold bottle of water in a cooler and sip on that as you drive.  Also, change up the routes you drive every day, if you can, so the scenery is different.  You might also try counting the blue/red/white cars that you see, or the number of lights you hit (or miss),  Also - maybe try some of your favorite CD's and sing out loud to them?

The idea is to distract yourself and relearn life without smoking.

You are doing GREAT!  Stay strog and stay committed!


Youngatheart.7.4.12 1203 days ago

It helps to blast music and roll the windows down...and then I catch my self doing my old habit...daydreaming during the song I hate it when I do that. I am a really good driver. I get passed all the time lol. I know not normal for my age.  If my sugars would cooperate a little better. Instead of lows I have highs. I have to push I have my son to take care of who literally bounces out of bed.lol  I never just loved to drive but being single mom I do it all. Anyways I cant even watch music videos without crying. Yep the old me is coming back...

sam22-2 1202 days ago

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