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jonescarp aka dale (1-2007) posted a comment on this blog post | Morning on this Beautiful Spring Day!
memories, connections, fear of change time is the healer. keep loving yourself and not smoking.
(2 minutes ago)

HealthyOrange posted a comment on this blog post | THIS DAY ONLY♥
I am so sorry for your loss!  Big hug!!  xoxo
(11 minutes ago)

NormaJean61 wrote a new blog post titled Morning on this Beautiful Spring Day!
Guess the struggle continues....but the win is to NOT light up...NOT buy any smokes........do the things that you promised to use at these moments....promised yourself! Because failing...
(12 minutes ago)


Day 27

October 6, 2013 Comments (4)

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Woohooo! Day 27! It's actually nice getting to the point where I don't count every single day because it makes me feel more confident about having this quit under control.

In Germany now, but having a hard time because my room was given away to someone else - long story, but I am staying in a hostel and will be getting in touch with a property agent tomorrow to find me somewhere to rent...

Meanwhile, hope you're all staying strong and staying quit - it can be hard at times, but the feeling of accomplishment is something that us smokers should all value. Think about the years of guilt you are sparing yourself - all smokers feel what I like to know as "smoker's guilt" - even those who lie to themselves and claim to smoke because they enjoy it. There's the fear and denial associated with what smoking does to your health and the complaints from those around you who don't enjoy it, but there is also the subtle fact that you reach for a cigarette or smoke something every time you feel anything negative, positive or otherwise - smoking is this giant ball-and-chain that you can't get away from. Until you choose to.

Once you choose to take responsibility for your life, health, negative feelings and deal with things head on, the guilt tends to start dying away. You no longer feel like you are trapped or forced to do anything that you don't want to. You even find you have resources that you didn't think you had.

Comments (4)

YOU... are awesome!!

Stay strong!!!

Kris 941 days ago

Good for you sweetie! Hope you find a new home soon! xo

joyeuxencore 11♥5♥12 941 days ago

Wow - that quititude looks GOOD on you!

Be sure to read up on No Man's Land.  It's the period from 2-4 months when you may have become complacent in your quit, when friends and family think you should just be over it already, and a crave ambush can hit you out of the blue and almost bring you to your knees!  As long as you are prepared for it and use the tools you used early in your quit, they will have no power over you.  They do, in fact, leave as quickly as they came.  It is generally agreed that the end of the initial quit journey is about 130 days.

Stay strong and stay committed.  You are doing SO well!


Youngatheart (7.4.12) 941 days ago

your doing so well on this quit. God speed on you new digs (home). good luck with your own place



Wishingstar (Renee) 941 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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