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10-6-13 My Scheduled Quit Day

October 6, 2013 Comments (8)

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Thank you to Nancy for help guiding me here.  Today was my quit date.  Thought I'd figured out how to navigate this site, but still finding there is much more for me to utilize/gain from.  Happy to be here.  I'm praying this truly is my last quit.  I've tried many times and many methods over the years.  I've struggled horribly with the first few weeks and am a little scared this time as I'm only on my second piece of gum and it's pushing 5 p.m.   I know this won't last.  Have a list made of my reasons, filled out my triggers, would like to figure out a way to track my urges progress (like they have on the cigarette counter).  Congratulations to all of you who have managed to break the habit (I've envied you for years).  And congratulations to you who continue to try!!!



Comments (8)

So glad you found us.  Are you working at distracting yourself through the beginnings of the cravings?  A lot of times you can power through them without using any quit aid.  

Did you make a list of distractions that you think will work best in different situations?  It's a good idea to keep that with you so you are always prepared.  Having a plan is really iimportant to being successful.

It does get easier - I promise.  The first week is a minute, an hour, a day at a time.  Stick with it - you CAN do this!  Congratulations on your decision to quit and sticking to it!


Youngatheart.7.4.12 1202 days ago

Brst Wishes for a great Quit!!

Magstoyou 1202 days ago

Welcome Deb!

We kind of have this ritual on the site where we post suggested reading because over the years it has helped so many people change the way they THINK and FEEL about quitting from a place of sacrifice to a place of gain…myself included.

Congratulations on the best decision you could possibly make for yourself and your daughter…

The MOST important thing you can do is educate yourself about the nicotine addiction by reading, reading and more reading…

We suggest a 'quit kit' composed of a list of distraction techniques and things to help you through like cinnamon sticks, crunchy things (carrots, celery, chips some hard candy, lots of water), lemons…biting into a lemon or sticking your head in the freezer and taking a deep breath gets you through.

It takes the mindset that we aren't giving up anything...we are doing it because we want to and not signing up for a lifetime of deprivation but a lifetime of freedom...that is the personal journey no one can take for us...We will be here for you every step of the way! xo

"YOU are worth SO MUCH MORE than a cigarette" xo






joyeuxencore_11-5-12 1202 days ago

... you deserve to have FREEDOM from nicotine. I am quit over 3 yrs and a member of EX for 5 yrs, many attempts and relapses before I got my "mindset" and chose FREEDOM. Welcome to the "family", Deb, you are going to love it here♥

LindaN_7-14-10 1202 days ago

I fineshed off most of a pack bubble gum. between yesterday and today.

Wishingstar_Renee 1202 days ago

Thank you all!  I've used 3 pieces of gum so far, but it's getting close to bed time.  I got a lot of "little things" accomplished with the cravings...things I wouldn't have gotten done had I decided to sit and smoke.  Today was not to bad...not with all the great advice and videos and lists I've read and made for myself.  I'm much more worried once I go back to teaching tomorrow and the breakneck schedule that always makes things so much more tense.  Loved having the extra time w/my crew of mastiffs, cats, and one Pittie.  They liked the extra time, too.  Thank you all for the welcome and I know I'll be counting on your advice (and rereading more) as the days move on :)



dfranke716 1202 days ago

and as a sidenote...even with just one day down, my breathing feels just a bit easier.  Being sick has been a great help in getting me through this.  I know that sounds dumb, but it's true.  Too many times when I feel good I ignore the toll it's taken!  Thanks, Again!!

dfranke716 1202 days ago

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