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djmurray Quit Date 12-31-14 posted a comment on this blog post | Day 69 Smoke- Free, I'm making it step by step..
You're 8 days ahead of me, Dawn, so we're pretty much sisters from another mother.  Yes, there are times when we have to take it an hour at a time, and how do we keep remembering...
(2 minutes ago)

nanawendy 12-31-12 posted on Giulia's message board (6 minutes ago)

djmurray Quit Date 12-31-14 posted a comment on this blog post | Stress
Thank you, Chuck -- and four years from your Day 1 you have mastered this -- thank you for sharing that mastery in such a great way.
(9 minutes ago)


Keeping my roots strong

October 6, 2013 Comments (16)

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Hello amazing family:) I am back to feeling great and I truly mean great!!! I have been feeling healthy and strong. Miss all of you, and I hope you all enjoy my graphics,it makes me happy. I am still strong in my quit but I read here everyday to keep me grounded. I will never leave because this place fuels my spirit. And my best friends on earth are here . I wanted to also share something... I never really read all of my dad's death certificate because I knew why he died. But I was putting some of his things away, documents and I sat down and read it. In bold black letters it said cause of death respiratory failure due to tobacco use. Smoking!!!! Scary stuff and I spread the word like wildfire to people I know who smoke... it is so important!!! I carry my dad's driver's license in my wallet right by mine. Man I miss him:) It makes me realize I need to be close to God, or closer and live a better Christian life. I keep everyone in my prayers.... That we all stay strong in our quits:) love you all nikki. Oh and Noah has had 8 tests so far and got an 98 average!!!! So proud:) 

Comments (16)

Glad to hear from you nikki   :-)

freeneasy 512 days ago

Sweet gal...I miss my dad/best friend every day and he wnt to the angels in 2001...

Your dad was proud of your quit and that is a great motivator to honor it no matter what! We were very fortunate to have awesome Dads...

Noah is so smart! And blessed to have a Mommy like you! You have spoled us with those beautiful graphics friend...I LOVE them. And YOU. ♥


joyeuxencore 11♥5♥12 512 days ago

Niki, I'm so very happy you didn't leave the site! No matter what, you are always a part of this family! I simply love your graphics, anytime, any day of the week! 

jojo 2-24-11 512 days ago

Love you, lovely girl!

Good to see you here!   I a!lways enjoy your images  always!





Youngatheart (7.4.12) 512 days ago

Glad you are back Nikki-Sounds like your neck is better and your son is doing fantastic!!!

So are you on your Quit!! Keep going forward!!!


Mag10Q 512 days ago

I am happy to see you feeling good! Thank you for include me on your graphics! Im not jealous anymore. lol! 

Polynha1 512 days ago

Nikki, So glad to see your blogs. I missed your grapics when your weren't here. I am sooo happy you are feeling better. My father died when I was 13, he was killed in a industrial accident. My dad was a heavy smoker( camels unfilter no less. I can still hear him coughing. It wasn't pretty. Makes me wonder why I ever picked up that nasty habit. Although, at the time I never associated his hacking with his smoking. You know Nikki, he has been gone for over 50 years, and I still miss him so much. He was a great father and I miss him like crazy. If you can't tell, I was definately a Daddy's girl. One thing though I can feel his presence from time to time. I know he would be pleased I finally found  somethink that made me quit, and that was this site

Jeanne Aug 4 2013 512 days ago

You are amazing and and go out your way to brigten our day. Your dad would be proud of you, as am I.  You still a big part of my insperation.. Way to go Noah!!


Wishingstar (Renee) 512 days ago

Hi my sweet friend!! I love getting pics from you all the time....they always brighten my day and make me smile. Im glad you sound so great and noah too! God is good...youre going to be just fine.....my dad went to heaven 19 yrs ago and not a day goes by that I dont miss him...love you sweet nikki...I count you as one of my biggest blessings!...Mary

mary 512 days ago

Nikki - That death certificate must have been so tough to face.....but, I just know your dad is so proud of you! 

Hooray to Noah!

So glad you are feeling better!

Love - Kathy

Strudel (Quit 6-12-10) 512 days ago

Hi Sweet Nikki, Your graphics brighten my day. I love getting them, so please continue  I am so glad that you are feeling better. Nikki, I lost my Dad in 1978 and I still miss him. I was always daddy's little girl. Your dad was so proud that you had quit smoking, so protect your quit at all cost.  Give Noah a Hug and be proud of you both


keep calm and carry on



nanawendy 12-31-12 512 days ago

Keeping You Close To My Heart, Nikki.

DebR 512 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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