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52 days smoke free

August 2, 2013 Comments (9)

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It is hard to beleave it has been 52 days with out smoking, and I have lost 6 lbs it is nice to see the scales going in the other driction.  to day is payday time to get all the stuff I am out of. I am going to get some more raw honey fresh fruit and salad stuff. and fixings for a homemade pot pie yum I eat so much better now not skiping any meals is so key for me if I start skiping I spin out of controle. I have to guard my quit even more. I am not one of thouse that crave every day.

I get in a argument and smoke

I am doing so well i can hang out with you while you smoke it dose not bother me

I thank I will get one from dave it wont hurt

I will just buy one off some one

i will only smoke at work

i will only smoke at home while i am walking the dog sound filmear i have done that to many times to count. What i did not do was keep posting. keep reading post.

what i did do was forget i am a junkey and i can not do this with out acountability and I get my accountability here thank you all

Comments (9)

Your are doing so good.  Keep up the protecting of the quit.  And I am impressed with your weighloss.  I gained for almost a year.....close to 35 pounds.  I am just now turning that around.  Congrats on your beautiful 52 days free from smoking!!!

Ninepatch 7.27.2012 1179 days ago

Congrats, Ladybug!!!  52 days is amazing.  xo~mlb

motherlovebone 1179 days ago

I remember your struggles early on - so worth it weren't they?? You're doing wonderfully!! Great going!

Michwoman 1179 days ago

Congratulations!!! I am watching my husband smoke outside right now. When I watch him, I really watch. I concentrate on how absolutely ridiculous it is to smoke. I watched him doing yard work, then stop to sit and have a smoke before he begins again.

I am thinking how I no longer have to stop living for five minutes to light one up...We are up for the challenge kiddo.

sharon 1179 days ago

Congratulations on 52 days Ladybug!  I ditto Ninepatch on the weight loss too - great job!!  I am about at the 20 lb. mark and it has only been 6 months (I had health issues too that kept me immobile, but still!).  You have a great attitude, and should feel so proud of where you are..............................keep rockin' it!

Joan_01-02-2015 1179 days ago

Ladybug, I'm so proud of you that I could jump for joy........Here I go!!!

DebR 1179 days ago

Yes indeed you have a great quit going on.  Keep up the great work!

Danno (11-10-12) 1179 days ago

Big congrats on 52!  Keep up the great attitude and congrats on the wieght loss too! You are doing better than me in that department for sure! I didn't even worry about loosing until I had gained too much and was in my fifth month! You go girl!

Nyima 1.6.13 1179 days ago

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c2q posted a comment on this blog post | Pushed the thought out of my mind
Well done. These are the magic moments, aren't they, when that bittersweet sense of lose is blown away by a big updraft of the joy having quit. Thanks for sharing this moment. You captured it...
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c2q posted a comment on this blog post | It'll pass as quickly as it came (Let It)
And a poet. Who'd a thunk? Very nice, jonesy.
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Mark (EX Admin) posted a comment on this blog post | FREEDOM TRAIN 10/24/16 (edited)
@Daniela- Some of those pictures are EPIC! I better not show them to my kids or they will expect them at a Halloween party. Mark EX Community Manager
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