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Smoke free 52 days !

July 31, 2013 Comments (8)

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Hello , 


New to this page and hanging on tight smoke FREE  for 52 days !! Feeling great as a EX -SMOKER .

Ready to make new ex smokers buddies on this page,


God Bless and Good luck !



Comments (8)

Welcome and congrats on 52 days good job.

lois2 1269 days ago

No luck needed - only committment!! GREAT JOB ON 52 DAYS!!! It's not easy at times but it is simple and it does get better I PROMISE!!

Not One Puff Ever!!! Tell yourself out loud "Oh yea I don't smoke any more!" You'll be surprised how empowering that is!!

Keep up the good work!

Michwoman 1269 days ago

Welcome to EX...!!

HUGE congrats on 52 days!

30 to 130 days is called No Man's Land (NML) and strong cravings can blindside you out of nowhere...be prepared not surprised...it is normal and will pass! Read up on it on Dale's page and Sarah's Wed Weekly NML blogs...


http://community.becomeanex.org/pg/profile/bex_user_379191      Sarah’s NML blogs





joyeuxencore_11-5-12 1269 days ago

Thanks for all the encouragement from you guys it really helps . Since especially today i am feeling a litte weak like something is missing within me . I guess its the bad habit 

But i am not given in hold on really tight today ! Staying smoke free today tomm. it will be easier !!! God Bless

perlanegra 1269 days ago

WOO HOO Congrats on your QUIT!  keep reading, and come here often - pick what you will and draw strength from here!  Remember no matter what comes your way - smoking does not solve the problem - it only adds more stress, and upsets you!

Celebrate every quit day - you are making a better you - it can be done!


Icandothis8 1269 days ago

I like your screen name.  Where does it come from?  Or is it your actual name?  It makes me think of "Perelandra" when I look at it.  Now i am trying to figure out the root words. . .

So, tell us!

(and. . .welcome to Ex!)

stonecipher 1269 days ago

Good morning !

Had a good night sleep and gave myself a pat on the back for staying smoke free all day yesterday  . Even though i had a crazy craving going on all day  .Hope and parying to God  that it will be a better day today  .Great job another day smoke free !! Every thing will be ok as long as  i dont fall in the trap of another PUFF ! 

Today will be a new day as a EX Smoker tomorrow . I will try for another  smoke free day taking it one day at the time and never but never takeing  another Puff ....


God Bless have a  Wonderful Day !!


perlanegra 1268 days ago

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