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Been smoking since I was in the Army and I have tried to quit many times before

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ihateit posted a comment on this blog post | one day at a time
Our brains are powerful. Mine sometimes gets carried away, so I have been repeating a couple words about why i hate smoking and that has helped me. The key for me is saying it out loud. Sounds like u...
(9 minutes ago)

eric l posted a comment on this blog post | day four and five
My skin felt weird for the first 4 days w no nicotine. I guess its just part of my body taking a minute to get back to prenicotine balance.  My wife says ive been snappy the past week. Yea....
(15 minutes ago)

JACKIE posted a comment on this blog post | 1 day till my quit date
Good job, great accomplish, wonderful realization that you can think it through if you give yourself a chance.
(20 minutes ago)


Hello Again

June 28, 2013 Comments (2)

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Was able to pay a couple of more bills yesteerday and have plenty more to pay when I get paid on the 3rd. School seems to be going alright for the most part until I had to spend a lot of money on printer ink. Still have some homework to finish up by this Sunday at midnight. Was doing some homework last night and I was getting a bit stressed because I kept getting interupted. There was a couple of times where I had some cravings but I got right back into my homework. I need to pick up some more lemon juice for my drinking water. That seems to be the only way that I can get myself to drink any water. Might try to donate some plasma next week to earn some more money to help keep gas in the car instead of buying those nasty cigarettes.

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Good morning. Ink can get costly. Did you ever think about refilling it yourself or taking it to like office max or even walgreens if you have those there? I bought ink online and just do it myself. Otherwise my cartridges would cost around 50.Its a though;)

Have a blessed smoke-free Friday!

Shawn❤Quit❤03-17-2012 667 days ago

i bought a printer when my ex husband died and my sons used up the ink printing pictures of him... so now i have a printer without ink... it costs less to buy a new printer...whne i get some money im just gonna buy a new printer

newlife 667 days ago

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