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shashort posted a comment on this blog post | Don't Memorialize Your Weekend By Losing Your Quit!
Thanks Nancy for the reminder.  As this is my first holiday as a non-smoker. Spending the day with family and friends and does make me a bit nervous as there will be smokers around.  To...
(3 minutes ago)

Mommylissa posted a comment on this blog post | Excuse the mess, I'm new at blogging.
Thank you, Mark and Thomas. I'm already feeling a lot more positive about quitting this time around just by browsing this site. ^-^
(5 minutes ago)

Thomas(3-20-2010) posted a comment on this blog post | Excuse the mess, I'm new at blogging.
Welcome! There are no right or wrongs with blogging style (other than being respectful and no cuss words. ) When I came here 6 Years ago I had never blogged and still don't facebook. But...
(13 minutes ago)


D-17 I feel ???

June 28, 2013 Comments (2)

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Well I have not smoked, last night while I was asleep I had a dream I smoked. I do not remember any thing ealse just that I put it in my mouth leat up then through it away like a snake was trying to bight me. I thank I woke up but then realizes it was only a dream and went back to sleep. I am so glad it was not real. I guess I am ok my lungs still hurt and I am still hacking not as bad as in the begining. I am off work tell mon. I only get 3 days a week so I am taking that time for me to get everythink I want to get done acomplished. I am also going to take some me time I deserve it. I want to get thing orgnized so it will be easyer when I get full time. I have faith it will happen. Just like the hacking will get better.

Comments (2)

Good for you, Ladybug!  Day 17!  They are really adding up....xo~mlb

motherlovebone 1064 days ago

Keep going, you're right on track!  The dreams are normal, we call them "smokemares", they happen from time to time. The coughing will get better too -- each cough is your lungs clearing out the tar and gunk. You're doing great!

No Man's Land is right around the corner -- starting around day 30. Have you heard of this yet? Here's a link to the original blog on Dale's page: 



Sarah (March 2011) 1064 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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