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Keepin it simple at day 47

May 18, 2013 Comments (6)

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I have been running around town all day telling anyone who asked, and some who did not, that I am 46 days smoke free. When I logged on here I see my count up clock actually says 47 days. Makes me feel proud of myself! And that I lost track of the days is huge to me. It means I am not so obsessed with it anymore.

I spent the day with my dad, who has Alzheimer's. He lit up twice in my car because he simply cannot remember not to. He was constantly holding out his smoke and asking if I wanted a puff. I would just say no thanks Dad. The same way I would say every few minutes, we're going to lunch Dad. I kept it simple.

Day 47....YAY.

Comments (6)

Wow - 47 days is HUGE!

Stay vigilant, though - for you are traveling through No Man's Land.  That is the period from 2-4 months when, complacent in your quit, you can experience intense crave ambushes that can bring you to your knees.  As long as you are prepared for them and use the tools that got you through the early days, it will have no power over you!



Quit 7/4/12

Youngatheart.7.4.12 1299 days ago

Glad to hear about the good days too! I love it Jules and congratulations on 47!  Your dad is very lucky to have you! Sounds like you are very sweet and patient with him!

Nyima_1.6.13 1299 days ago

Jules congrats on 47 days, keep up the great work.

lois 1299 days ago

Awsome . I'm only on day seven I tell peeps to I'm not smoking NO aids  and live with a smoker..  I want share what I know  about this awesome  group and the info that any one trying to quit, or sirel quiters and maybe one the are trying and don't know.

Wishingstar_Renee 1299 days ago

Wow, I'm so impresssd that you would lose track of how many days you have gone without a smoke. I want that too.

xenon 1299 days ago

I am new here Jules, reading what you have written it has given me alot of faith. My day starts on june 10 and a big part of me is ready now but scared, and waiting to c if patch will help 2. Went to dr. and my air waves are closing really fast and if i dont stop smoking i will end of smothering myself.  Now i have 2 little girls i want to live. So if you do not mind i was wondering if maybe i having a bad day may i talk with you.  I need some one strong. :Like I said  just reading waht u wrote has given faith


tracyb316 1297 days ago

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