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I am a 63 years old man! Most of the time I act like it! Sometimes 21, sometimes 42!

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If You Look at My Page.....

May 14, 2013 Comments (17)

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........... You will find a picture of me, and Dawn. As I head off to Las Vegas this week to meet a group of our fellow EXer's in person, I am reminded of the first EXer that I met in 3D! That was Dawn! And reason we met was to try and plan a get together of EXer's in Florida! Our plan never really grew legs, but the evening was the beginning of a very special, and somewhat unlikely friendship! Dawn was perhaps the most devout person I have ever know! I, on the other hand, am sometimes a bit flippant about my beliefs!

What we did share was a similar sense of humor, and a love of life! During the last year of Dawn's life I had the priviledge of spending a lot of time with her, even though it was a 7 hour round trip to see her! I saw her suffer in pain in the hospitals, and I saw her rejoyce on Christmas Eve, in a church, where we managed to get together with all three of her daughters, and her two Grandaughters! Her last Easter Sunday was spent at the House of Blues Sunday Gospel Brunch! The memory of her head thrown back, and her hands clapping to the music, will alway live in my head!! Oh, how she loved the Lord!

I listened to this brave Lady talk about her cancer, and the effects of the drugs that she had to take! Through this all, she never once ask "Why Me?".

One year ago today, our Sweet Sister in Freedom went to her reward! Through the medical trials I have faced in this past year I have know that there was one Special Angel watching over me! And, when the end comes for me, I hope I can handle it with the dignity and class that my Friend Dawn demonstrated!

Many of you knew Dawn! Many of you never did! Below is a link to the blog that I posted one year ago! I ask you all to take a moment today to remember our Sister Dawn.



Comments (17)

I just had a peek at the picture of you and Dawn, you both look so happy.  Good memories of the ones who went before can be so comforting.  God bless you and be with you today.

Cory quit 3-10-13 1107 days ago

Dawn is an EXer who I will never forget for her generous spirit and love of Life! I know she watches over all of us today and smiles at every milestone celebration and every newly launched forever quit! Thank You, Tommy, for telling our newer members about this EXtraordinary Lady! God Bless and take special care of you today as we remember with tears in our eyes and a smile on our lips! 


Thomas(3-20-2010) 1107 days ago

Since the first time I visited your page, I have wondered who this lovely lady was! You don't really say much but it is clear in looking at you smiling together and reading "last picture" that she was very important in your life. I am sorry for your loss but hope you smile often when thinking of her. Friendship is something to be cherished forever! Thank you for sharing her memory with those of us who missed knowing her. Her love is now felt by one more.

Nyima 1.6.13 1107 days ago

So very sorry for your loss.  Made me cry.  Take care, Tommy.

Jenny 1107 days ago

Tommy - Thank you for reminding us of this day and of Dawn's special spirit.....I join you in thinking of her today.....

See you soon!

Take care and be safe!

Strudel 1107 days ago

I had no idea my dear friend:) God bless you both..hugs nikki

nikki 1107 days ago

This made me get tears, Tommy.  You are such a special man...and such a wonderful friend to so many people.  I believe Dawn is watching over you... and smiling and laughing A LOT at your great sense of humor!  I know also, that she is proud of you...... that you continue to love and be loved by so many.

Smiling with Dawn.... in my heart. ♥

Kris 1107 days ago

I love you, Boss.

mary 1107 days ago

Thank you for posting this Tommy.

Dawn will always have a place in my heart.

CharlieJ 1107 days ago

Thank you for sharing Dawn with those of us who didn't know her, you are such a sweet spirit!

mygirls2/14/14 1107 days ago

Thank you for sharing this Tommy...Reading the community outpouring of comments a year ago certainly brought the tears on...so much LOVE...How honored am I to call you friend sir...xo



joyeuxencore 11♥5♥12 1107 days ago

Thanks for sharing about Dawn and may God Bless♥

freeneasy 1106 days ago

She was special and so are you.  Have a great time in Vegas!

yaya Feb 2010 1106 days ago

You're a special man, Tommy Piver !! Dawn was fortunate to have you in her life. You helped celebrate her life in all that the two of you did..........and here it is a year later, and you're still celebrating her life.

How about celebrating YOUR life for a change. Go to Vegas and have a blast. Drink a Margarita for me. I am so thankful that you're healthy enough to go. Please celebrate your life. We only have one. Go for it !!

Love you,


Candylance 11♥2♥15 1105 days ago

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