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Wife, stepmom, pharmacy technician, and Ex-Smoker!

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Storm posted a comment on this blog post | Set A Quit Date
WELCOME to EX! You’re here because, like us, you want to be rid of the addiction to nicotine and the habit of using cigarettes. We can help you with that, yes.   There is plenty of...
(a minute ago)

marilynhotgram posted a comment on this blog post | temperature is going to be warm today, might help some, we were so cold yesterday
Thank you, thank you and thank you again for letting us know how you're doing which sounds like you are totally exhausted. I am praying for strength for you and that you can feel Gods love with...
(3 minutes ago)

Storm posted a comment on this blog post | Quitting Smoking Isn't a Walk in the Park
This, of course, makes me incredibly happy!  Not only are you a fighter, Nancy, but you truly want others to jump in the ring, too, and take back the same things for themselves. That makes...
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Day 14...

May 10, 2013 Comments (10)

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Hello All!


I'd like to start by saying: I'M AWESOME!



I can't believe it's been two weeks! It hasn't been easy, but it hasn't been that difficult either-most moments at least. There are still some moments when I really want one, but after two weeks I feel like that would be such a waste. I am already seeing the difference in the bank account because my husband has quit too! I am so proud of us! Doing this together has been a bit crazy, but doable :) WE ARE DOING THIS!!!


Tooting our horns



-Becky (and Jason)

Comments (10)

You guys ARE awesome!!!  Congrats!

Michwoman 563 days ago

Feel free to toot all you want, that is great news and I love a celebration! Big congrats to both of you! Did you jump on the freedom train to boast? You should!

Nyima 1.6.13 563 days ago












Quit 7/4/12

Youngatheart (7.4.12) 563 days ago

Ok, rxbecca1981, if you're going to toot, then I will too. Your story is so similar to mine. It's 2 weeks tomorrow night for me, my husband quit also (actually a few wks before me), & yes, I "want one" only comes around once in a while. When the thought crosses my mind, I remind myself how much fun it WASN'T those 1st few days, & exactly what it is that I was enhaling & that i don't do that anymore. It's still tough to work thru the psychological aspects of this, but we are doing it!!! Congrats to you!! We are now free. ~~ yes the bank account does look a bit better, doesn't it!

msgardengirl320 563 days ago

Congrats to you and to Jason!! Two - toot, toot - weeks!! Way to go! 

Strudel (Quit 6-12-10) 563 days ago




MrsP 563 days ago

Whoop Whoop!!! 

Ev 562 days ago

Thank you all for the support :)

Rxbecca1981 541 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

Re-learn support with the help of the active EX Community — all part of the EX Plan — a free, personalized online program to help you re-learn life without cigarettes.

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