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snow90 wrote a new blog post titled How did I get here?
I know how I quit smoking. I quit four days ago, because I looked at my little kids and thought to myself "I really hope I see them grow up." When I realized that the only thing threatening...
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cpsono 5-27-2015 posted on joedice711's message board (8 minutes ago)

Bonnie B. I quit on 02-08-15 posted a comment on this blog post | like an adventure? and a good distraction?
Wow just watched the video Dale very spectacular !  I would not dare to sit on that ledge just seeing her sitting there gave me the creeps ! That would be to close for comfort ! Otherwise it...
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26 days smoke free

October 31, 2012 Comments (13)

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whoooo hoooo!!! psyched to see how long its been!! it has been a bit harder lately as my fiance has been smoking in his car with what smells like all the windows rolled up...he stinks!! and when he goes outside to have a smoke when we are home sometmes i think im being deprived because he can do something i cant but then i wake up and realize its that same stupid addiction voice talking again....and then I remind myself its MY choice and i'm happy with that choice. i'm breastfeeding and my baby boy is becoming pleastantly plump. something about that makes me happy. because i'm providing him with healthy milk....untainted nicotine free milk.  its more than just that though..im so glad to be free from those chains. for myself. i smell good, and im not spending ridiculous amounts of money to slowly kill myself. hooray!!

Comments (13)

Congrats to you!! And tell that boy friend no more smoking around you or in the car. If he wants to support you this is the best thing he can do for you and the baby. Day 25!! You go girl!! Thats fantastic! Congrats on your baby too!

janetlynn 1303 days ago

Wow - 26 days!  You ae DOING this!  Congratulations!

Youngatheart (7.4.12) 1303 days ago

26 days that is awesome...I'm sure after 26 days smoking does stink

I see a very good reason in that picture to quit smoking

johio 1303 days ago

Congrats on 26 days! Super job!  You should be proud!  

Marlene (mlpepsi517) 1303 days ago

WTG! Congrats! Fantastic, Awesome on your 26th day..

Carole 1303 days ago

No matter what - do not ever put a cigarette near your face.  Many people here will tell you that they had long quits going because they quit when they found out oabout pregnantcies and such. A lot of them went the "one can't hurt me" after breastfeeding was done.  No such thing! Remember Not one puff ever!  Just one puff does lead to being addicted again! N.O.P.E. Repeat that whenever you get an urge. Divert your attention. What a beuatiful baby!

Maggie (quit 8-1-2010) 1303 days ago

Congrats on day 26! You sound wonderful! Yeah, don't ever think you are depriving yourself of anything, just the opposite. You are doing the healthiest thing you could ever do by not smoking. Stick with it and always good to see you.

jojo 2-24-11 1303 days ago

congratulations!!! you should be proud of yourself!!! what a great mom that new 'lil boy has!

Jordan.Quit.11-1-12 1303 days ago

Great job on reaching Day 26, lee lee!  Now we want to see a picture of that pleasantly plump, nicotine-free Charlie!  Keep it up; it's SO worth it to your whole family!

Sky Girl 1303 days ago

A current pic, I mean.  His newborn picture in your profile pic is so sweet.  Now let's see him all bulked up!  :-)

Sky Girl 1303 days ago

thanks everyone!!!

lee lee 1302 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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