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Thomas(3-20-2010) posted on Delmar's message board (11 minutes ago)

Thomas(3-20-2010) posted a comment on this blog post | DAY 4: Rambling Thoughts
I would absolutely love to take those deeeeep breaths you talk about but unfortunately smoking robbed me of that ability! I've learned that the first step in loving others is to love oneself!...
(16 minutes ago)

puffthemagicdragon posted a comment on this blog post | DAY 4: Rambling Thoughts
>jonilou re: "I don't have any deep or intellectual advice for you ..." Deep or intellectual advice isn't necessarily necessary.  That you simply bothered to bother is...
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65 Days Smoke free

October 25, 2012 Comments (8)

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Hello All, 65 days NOPE . I can now stand next to smokers outside without the urge to smoke, not for long periods of time just chatting on break. Not to worry just the thought of having to start all over is enough for me to stay SMOKEFREE:) It has been a tough road but I am still standing and ready to tackle this head on. Gods Strength has helped me thru this and prayer does work,  so stay strong and Have a great day! Blessings<JEN

Comments (8)

I would limit my time spent hanging out with the smokers...even if you think you got this! I quit for 3 yrs...and hung out with some smokers for one night of drinking for  st pats day and found myself smoking again! So...here I am..on day 14 after almost a year of falling. Sometimes hanging out at the smoking break is not the best thing for you...Go for a walk...read, call your spouse or a friend to pass the time. Glad your hanging in there! God bless and congrats on being a quitter!

janetlynn 1044 days ago

Congratulations, YOu are a winner. reward yourself for your milestones.

G-d bless


quit date 5-5-09

glad you are here!♥

aztec 1044 days ago

Hi Jen, Great Job on 65 days! Congrats! Stay strong and always protect your quit!

jojo 2-24-11 1044 days ago

whoo hoo! I am at 65 days too. Doesn't it feel great?

pazzamess 1044 days ago

Congrats on staying smoke free for 65 days!

katherinefriedrich 1044 days ago

Hey Pazz, Come party on the train and celebrate! Congrats! I mentioned you there.

cyn 1044 days ago

Congrats on 65 days!!!! Are you sure you want to be hanging out with the smokers, though?  No need to borrow trouble.

Junior 1044 days ago

 Thanks Cyndie for the Freedom Train Ride it was Awesome! I hear everyone about hanging out with smokers and I will not tempt myself again. I AM PROTECTING MY QUIT!!!! Thank You All for your supporting words and Congrats on all your quits!!!!! NOPE GOD BLESS<JEN 65 DAYS STRONG>

january2001 1043 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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