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constanceclum wrote a new blog post titled I'm ecstatic!
My son expressed an interest in quitting smoking. He's saying now, at this point, he would like to quit on or by his 30th birthday. I told him about this site. I got the best birthday present in...
(10 minutes ago)

JACKIE posted a comment on this blog post | THREE years? Smoking: I don't do that anymore!
Congratualtions, thank you for being here.  Three years what a testimonial.
(10 minutes ago)

JoWants2Quit wrote a new blog post titled Gearing up to quit - NEED ADVICE/ENCOURAGEMENT!
Hello EXers! Congrats to those of you that have already quit... I hope to be one of you starting Aug 1st! I'm 37 years old and have been smoking for 20+ years. I have multiple, chronic, some rare,...
(12 minutes ago)


Glad to be alive and a part of the EX community!

January 5, 2012 Comments (4)

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I missed everyone so much and I am glad to have some time to come back to the EX community.  As I said yesterday I am still smoke free and can't imagine going back to smoking after this long in my quit!  I have seen lots of new people working their way to a smoke free life and I would like to say:

Stay here and you will find the help you need to quit!

Drink lots of water cause it's always a good thing to hold onto besides a cigarette!

Blog when you feel like you can't make it another moment cause there is always someone willing to help!

Read, read, and read some more so you will learn all you can about your addiction!

When all else fails just think of all the positive things that quitting will bring to your life!

Never give up and remember that you are stronger than you think you are cause you hold the keys that will unlock the chains that have held you to your addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments (4)

Terri, I'm sooo glad you're back for even a short amount of time...I love your blogs and really miss you! You are a treasure...xoxo :D

Ex Nancy 1276 days ago

Amen, amen Terri! Great blog! Love having you back! 

Strudel (Quit 6-12-10) 1276 days ago

im so glad to see you here terri. Thank you for youe kind words on my page also!

congrats on staying strong

Marcie~ free since 4-4-11 1276 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

Re-learn support with the help of the active EX Community — all part of the EX Plan — a free, personalized online program to help you re-learn life without cigarettes.

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