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36 days smoke free

November 14, 2011 Comments (15)

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So, I posted a blog on Friday and wanted to thank all of you for the kind and encouraging words. Some of you wanted an update, here ya go friends.....

The meeting with my ex went well, as far as smoking goes. I DID NOT SMOKE. The news he had for me was not so great. He is in a tough/crappy situation and needed my help. So, I couldn't say no the man I still love and have been friends with for over 18 years. Hopefully my quit will motivate and encourage him to quit as well. Who knows, maybe we'll get our shit together after all. Either way, not gonna smoke. I don't do that anymore.

Anyways, 36 days smoke free and feeling FANTABULOUS!!!!! My COWBOYS even played a great game!

Happy smoke free Monday, everyone!


Comments (15)

36 wahoo!!!! that is over a month congrats

TracyB2 1847 days ago

CONGRATS on your 36! great job!

Coug 1847 days ago

I am glad you are still smoke free BrookeAnne, but I need a lot more detail about what happened...............

image :

BobbyMaynard 1847 days ago

WTG FANTABULOUS....details...img alt="" src="Photobucket" />

Ex Nancy 1847 days ago

FANTABULOUS! Totally capable of being with BOTH my ex's ...

it doesnt always have to end on bad terms...

definately no need to smoke...

man, you just dont look old enough to say 18 yr relationship :)

Uhhh TEXAS girl here... not into football but GO COWBOYS

TheNewMe_Jo 1847 days ago

Thank you! Umm, details, ok...... short version.He just got a new job by my place and needs a couch to crash on until he makes enough to get his own place.

@TheNewMe: the split was a mutual split, so we really have no major issues.  Yup, I met him when I was 15 years old, I am now 33..

BrookeAnne 1847 days ago

lol Bobby, too funny.  Well you keep hanging in there, 2 more weeks and you get your train ride!

shill57957 1847 days ago

Congratulations on staying smoke-free!  It is great that you can help someone even your ex.  My ex and I get along but Idk if we would if he had left me.  I'm not as generous as he is, but I am getting better. lol.  I think being so old I have learned a lot even though I have to learn things the hard way. :)

katherinefriedrich 1847 days ago

ON THE COUGH! And just how close is this chouch to your bed room young lady?

BobbyMaynard 1847 days ago

Great that you are still smoke free.  That's the way to keep a good quit going!

terri 1847 days ago

The ole couch trick huh? I know it well lol

do keep us posted plzzzzzzzzzz :)

whatever is meant to be, will be... Im a sucker for a good love story :)

remember, no smoking, even after ummmmm you know *giggles*

TheNewMe_Jo 1847 days ago

Congratulations on 36 days!!!!!  Way to go.  

Owlfeather 1847 days ago

That all sounds good. especially the not smoking part. 

you did good. I am dubious about the couch too, lol. 

I love the Hello Kitty up there ^ 

Way to go on 36 days, I am right here a day behind you. :) 

Melissa 1847 days ago

Way to go...I'm right behind you woo hoo!!

NEWME15 1845 days ago

congratulations!  Great job, keep on going!

caribegal1 1844 days ago

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I am 34 years old and have smoked for about 17 years. One day, I just woke up and said, "I am done with this." I have a 4 year old son, that I refuse to let down. My quit date: Oct 10, 2011.

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