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Single, 53 yr.old, mom of an 13 yr. old, I quit smoking on 1/10/11.

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jonescarp aka dale (1-2007) posted on pir8fan's message board (6 minutes ago)

marilynhotgram posted a comment on this blog post | Freedom Train 07/05/15
Good morning everyone and a special congrats to anyone that is celebrating a special milestone today and congrats to each and everyone of you on your wonderful quits. I am here with 357 DOF and...
(17 minutes ago)

Smorgy (quit forever on 8-5-13) posted a comment on this blog post | Freedom Train 07/05/15
Morning Tommy.   Thanks for the ride. I just left breakfast and coffee over at the bonfire but could leave some sweet rolls and iced coffee here (it's already hot and...
(17 minutes ago)



October 6, 2011 Comments (22)

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I made it to 270 days!!

Comments (22)


Congrats comment

Lonita 1368 days ago

Awesome!  Your enthusiasm is contagious!   

Owlfeather 1368 days ago

Nice number Cyn.  Don't it feel great?

Patty 1368 days ago

And it looks lovely on you!  Hooray!  image

Maggie (quit 8-1-2010) 1368 days ago


Celebrate Cyn.....YOU deserve it!!!  By the way, can you slow down your little jumping smiling face....he's making me dizzy!!!!LOL!

Determined in Dakotas (Quit 2-13-11) 1368 days ago

Congratulations on 270 days smokefree, Dear Friend.  I am so proud of your accomplishments, and soon you will be celebrating four whole seasons.  You ROCK, Sheep Lady!!!!!  Chek out the cake I baked, well kind of, not really baked, but check it out...  in celebration of your most awesome quit of 270 days and moving on with tremendous  high spirits, and making us laugh each day... 

Sheep Cake

a sheep cake.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

IrishRose 1368 days ago

Love you, Dear Friend!!!!

IrishRose 1368 days ago

Be proud, what a great accomplishment! Congratulations!

jojo 2-24-11 1368 days ago

You guys are to nice!!! Thank you SOOOOO much!!!!

cyn 1367 days ago

And I LOVE the cake!! LOL

cyn 1367 days ago

Way to go Cyn!!   Isn't it great to notHAVE to smoke??  

Jawidge 1367 days ago

All Right, Cyn!!! WTG, girl!!!

Bet your son is so proud of you!!!!

Lynette 1367 days ago

Wooo Hooo! Congratulations!

Family First 1367 days ago

I am so proud of you daaaaaarling.


Madyzsgocka 1367 days ago

YEEHAAWWWWW!!!!! Congrats!!!

Pugs girl 1367 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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