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Rogers1959 wrote a new blog post titled Not giving up
Tomorrow is a another day, I'm not starting over , I am continuing my journey to succeed !!! Wow I thought that one up and am actually excited about this. Thanks for your support
(54 minutes ago)

Terrie quit 07-06-2015 posted a comment on this blog post | Vegetable Poker
Humm, shoot I can't think of another one, haha! anybody got anymore A's? If not feel free to go on. It's been a long weeekrnd, I am sacking out!
(an hour ago)

jonescarp aka dale (1-2007) posted a comment on this blog post | This is alot tougher than I thought
You understand. The last line says it all. Did you go without nicotine those 8 days? If so, when those thoughts come into play try some self talk. Just say "I don't do that anymore." Say it...
(2 hours ago)


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