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Pops wrote a new blog post titled Good morning eXmates:-)
Here @ work, last day of the week for me...I'm looking forward to getting some downtime with Sebastian.  Work is pretty smooth for the next couple of weeks.  I'm going to enjoy it...
(10 minutes ago)

rosemary posted a comment on this blog post | 10 days smoke free, really getting hard now.
All this advice is perfect.  Listen to it!   I know how painful a crave can feel.  Ilke it will never end - but they do.  Hang in there!  Don't let the nico-monster...
(11 minutes ago)

Julia Amy posted a comment on this blog post | 10 days smoke free, really getting hard now.
Try to put the weight aspect to the side for now. Pour your energy into the fight for your life. Quitting smoking is the greatest health improvement you can make. It gets considerably easier in a...
(11 minutes ago)


terri's blog

Day 3, what a real triump!

July 8, 2011

I am so glad that day 3 is gone and I am in a new day!  I didn't think I was gonna make it through.  My husband was in a lot of pain from a procedure that he had done.  I wanted to smoke at every turn yesterday.  My daughter said I need to go do something and left the grand kids, 1 and 3.  My grand daughter has just got out of her terrible twos but is so full of energy and my grand son has been crawling for a while and is learning to climb up on everything. ... Read full post

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Many day 3's including me!

July 7, 2011

I was very, very busy yesterday and didn't have time to come to this site but once and managed to read a couple of posts before I spent a long and tiring day being very busy with life.  It was a very happy and smoke free day.  I had a few cravings which I was surprized because usually in past quits day 2 is very bad for me but not yesterday so I'm thinking this is going to be easy, easy, easy!  Of course not because day 3 has been a day where all my thoughts have been on... Read full post

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Freedom Today

July 5, 2011

My last cigarette was at 11:05 pm on July 4, 2011.  I am now an ex-smoker (horray)!  I feel better about this quit than I have ever felt before.  Because of Allen Carrs book I really know that I will never smoke again.  I really do look at smoking in a whole different light.  I am glad I found this network because I have already gotten a lot of support and that is a big help to a newly ex-smoker.

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Getting Ready for the Big Day!

June 29, 2011

Thank you to the community for all the inspiring comments from my last post.  I have been taking the advice from all who decided to comment.  I have been reading, reading, and reading and I have the reading list from the people from ex.  I feel so much more positive now because of this community.  I can say that I will stay positive and take this quit one day at a time.  The big quit day is July 5th because I will be at work and I smoke less here than on the weekends... Read full post

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Making the decision

June 27, 2011

Today I found ex.  I truely want to quit smoking and have tried more times than I can count.  I even know why I start smoking each time and it usually is the same answer.  I've been in so many programs and I know all the rules.  Will I make it this time; that is to be seen!  My new quit date is July 5th, 2011.  One thing I can say is that I will stay positive and try through bloging to at last see my dream of becoming a non-smoker come true.  I usually can... Read full post

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