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856beverly posted a comment on this blog post | Looking out my back door...
Ain't it the truth, Ann?  We aren't responsible for anyone but ourselves... yet we see people making these choices every day.  So young.   I wish I could shake my younger...
(2 minutes ago)

Judy621 (08-28-13) posted a comment on this blog post | No smoking over it but, do you know what it is?
Yep, it's a persimmon, but the ones we had back in Maryland were smaller and you had to wait until after the first frost to eat them. Before the frost they would make your mouth pucker LOL.
(4 minutes ago)

856beverly posted a comment on this blog post | Day0
Dear Liana, I'm sorry to hear you slipped.  It could happen to anybody.  Look at all of us who are supporting you!  I'm here for you.  Reevaluate your quit and read as...
(7 minutes ago)


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