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John 10.16.14 wrote a new blog post titled A Busy Day Planned ...... AGAIN.
Chore #1 Don't smoke Chore #2 Don't Smoke Chore #3 don't do it! Chore #4 N.O.P.E. Chore #5 Stay strong Chore #6 Stay rested Chore #7 Breath easy, Pat myself on the...
(just now)

summer posted a comment on this blog post | DAY 8 .......craziest day yet !
yes there will be days that you are going to have anxious days, you will find that you'll get thru them as the days add up. go to johncarps.page to help. You can get thru this.
(3 minutes ago)

NotJustAQuitter wrote a new blog post titled 73 hours but so TIRED!
My days and nights have turned every which way!  It's not just from quitting cigarettes but from other life changes as well.  I spoke to a friend for an hour today, called her back...
(14 minutes ago)


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