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Smorgy (quit forever on 8-5-13) wrote a new blog post titled Do you want to know your stats????
Here's what Shawn posted yesterday on how to figure how many cigs you throw in the fire: This is how our bonfires work: Everybody brings their own fuel for the fire! We burn up...
(2 minutes ago)

annbā¤10.30.2014 posted a comment on this blog post | Sad Days
Deepest Sympathy Jules. A hard journey has ended for you both. I know it is an adjustment in addition to grieving. I'm almost a year into living without my Mom on this earth and it still seems...
(2 minutes ago)

Suzanne (8-14-2014) posted a comment on this blog post | A sunny day
Congrats on 109 days!!  And a sunny one too!!
(7 minutes ago)


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