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Thomas(3-20-2010) posted a comment on this blog post | CT Scan results from doctor
Knowing is better than not knowing and the LVRS may be the right thing for you! Continued daily prayers for you, Dear Ellen!  Kellie had that surgery awhile ago. aybe you would like to read...
(an hour ago)

DebiD wrote a new blog post titled 2 Years Smoke Free!!!
I'm sooooooo proud of myself! 2 years smoke free and still going strong. I can finally say that "I got this"! Smoking seems so foreign to me now! I can honestly say that if you want...
(an hour ago)

freeneasy posted a comment on this blog post | Tick-Tock
It's true- the first days, weeks, months seem to drag on before you know it you have a year and you're still moving forward. You're a great ex ample Jennifer!
(an hour ago)


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