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Laura posted a comment on this blog post | RESET
Glad to hear you are positive in getting back on the horse. I have quit several times in my past before this quit..... only 42 days but.... I feel this is the ultimate quit. What keeps me going...
(5 minutes ago)

djmurray wrote a new blog post titled Gotta write another one!
Wow -- I really, really try to stick to one blog a day, but the responses to my earlier blog got me thinking, and I want to write this down before I forget it!! The response was to the...
(10 minutes ago)

djmurray posted a comment on this blog post | RESET
Sorry to hear you have to start over, but congratulations on NOT quitting quitting.  You know we are here and the next time you think you're going to smoke promise yourself to blog first and...
(19 minutes ago)


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