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Youngatheart (7.4.12) posted a comment on this blog post | Happy Friday :)
I'm gonna go spread some Hollytone and pound in some tree spike fertilizer sticks.  ANYTHING to be outside.  Only in the low 60's here and windy - but certainly better than...
(3 minutes ago)

jonescarp aka dale (1-2007) posted a comment on this blog post | Another Goal Achieved.
Congratulations! Be Careful! Don't get your ship shot off!
(4 minutes ago)

marilynhotgram posted a comment on this blog post | OOPS!
You realized after one puff what you were actually doing that you were throwing your quit away and good for you for shredding every single one. Now continue on with your quit, be strong and beware of...
(4 minutes ago)


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