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gayvenda posted a comment on this blog post | It's Simple:
I am choosing life today.  I just came off of a 10 day lupus flare which had me laying down for most of that time. The pain in my feet was intense, My nerve endings are damaged by so much...
(8 minutes ago)

NotJustAQuitter wrote a new blog post titled On day 11...
Still going strong.  I had a friend ask if she could have a cigarette and I said "Oh, I don't do that anymore."  I couldn't even tell her how long it had been.  Life...
(12 minutes ago)

gayvenda posted a comment on this blog post | Accountability
I had been a serial quitter since 2010 here on Ex.   I became accountable for the first time when the doctor told me I had peripheral  arterial vasculitis in my feet and legs. He quietly...
(22 minutes ago)


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