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annb❤10.30.2014 posted a comment on this blog post | Casino
Way to go! You are truly an EX winner all the way around Girl, and you got the jingle as a bonus! Congrats!!!
(20 minutes ago)

sparky posted a comment on this blog post | It's time to Party!
It's been a terrific party , but I'm pooped !  Love to all donna
(29 minutes ago)

ms sha posted on joyeuxencore 11♥5♥12's message board (39 minutes ago)


terri's Friends' Blog Posts

EX Nashville stats

April 25, 2015

more pics will come later... For now we just wanted to share our total stats! 

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Hey all. Just had a video conversation on skype with most of the people in Nashville

April 25, 2015


Our friends in Nashville are just now sitting down to breakfast together. They send their love

They are all  having a wonderful time

Pictures will be posted later.


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April 24, 2015

Hello fellow Exer's.  It has been a few years since I was active on this website.  I am back today because Jonescarp suggested to me several months ago that I should consider sharing some of my experiences as a Ex.  It has taken me this long to get around to doing that because I always have a hesitancy about writing on a public website, but I am so thankful for the gift of help that I received from the members here that iI need to write this.

My quit experience was just... Read full post

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Semi-Live From Wytheville, VA ~~~~Headed To Nashville, TN

April 23, 2015

From the front to back we have Nancy (Youngatheart) Ellen (Elvan) & Donna (DJMurray)

And in the picture below, we have Nancy (Skygirl) in the middle.

the manager left for the night and took the key to the room that the router is in so they couldn't get the router reset and DJ has an I pad but can't upload photos to the site from it so she emailed the pictures to me. to post :-)  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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This is EXciting!

April 23, 2015

Scientists find brain circuitry that raises anxiety during nicotine withdrawal

A discovery about the brain may offer new hope to smokers finding it hard to quit. Scientists writing in the journal Nature Communications describe how they identified circuits in the brain that they believe are responsible for the anxiety that often accompanies nicotine withdrawal.

Senior author Andrew Tapper, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School... Read full post

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April 23, 2015

Good Morning fellow EXer's! The Freedom Train is on the tracks, and prepared to make it's daily run to Freedom from smoking! Everyone is invited to come aboard to celebrate their own personal Freedom, and that of their friends!!

If you are new here, this vehicle provides an area for everyone to gather and celebrate the milestones, and successes of those in our community! There are no tickets! The fuel for this locomotive is love and caring! The rides on this Train are paid for... Read full post

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It is all about you!

April 23, 2015

Good morning my fellow EXer's!

This weekend 18 EXer's and their families will desend on Nashville!( The place may never be the same) But, this is about a lot more than that! This is a personafication of what we live everyday at this site! 18 EXer's will be there in the flesh, but you will be traveling with us! What do you think our conversations will be about? They will be about you! They will be about the ways that we help each other! They will be about the great... Read full post

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No Man's Land Weekly Blog -- Surprise Stress

April 22, 2015

We do this blog every Wednesday afternoon to offer encouragement to those in No Man’s Land -- months 2-3-4 of a quit, give or take a couple of weeks. This community has chosen to put a big, bright spotlight on NML – we’ve chased away the shadows, taken away the mystery, and put a lot of effort into bringing people in NML together. Because we understand that quitting isn’t over in a month.

Everyone who goes through NML blazes a trail for those that follow.... Read full post

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Cigarettes and Planet Earth

April 22, 2015

We Addicts ignore our values if they conflict with our drug use. As Nicotine Addicts we can erroneously be tree hugging environmentalists while using a highly toxic and wasteful product. The following articles site just some of the ways that cigarettes destroy and pollute our one and only Planet Earth:

Fewer cigarette butts means a less toxic environment.

While most people know that exposure to tobacco smoke—both active and passive—is life-threatening, many do not realize... Read full post

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The angst of quitting or the lack thereof

April 22, 2015

I guess I had a "special" quit. I had no knowledge whatsoever of what I was doing my first two weeks.

Why, I guess because I just let it happen naturally. I didn't even set a date until 4 days before because I hadn't yet made a committment to quit.

The month before I quit, a friend asked me if I would quit to influence his brother. I didn't answer. When I got up to leave later he asked me in a different way, he asked if I would consider it. I said I... Read full post

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