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mikecity wrote a new blog post titled A very good morning to all
Hi everyone,      Are you all ready for another smoke free  week?  It should be a good one after all the  holiday festivities.       I was...
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mikecity wrote a new blog post titled
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Froguelady (quit 3-16-11) posted a comment on this blog post | You Don't Have to Do That Anymore
At 1500+ days of being smoke Free, I think I might just make it, at least I think I can. Great blog Miz G.
(3 hours ago)


November 2011

Sharing a laugh at 132 smoke free days!

November 14, 2011

132 smoke free days, that's about 4 and a quarter months.  I am amazed.  I had to go to a conference last week for my work in San Antonio Texas.  I took my husband and after the conference we visited his brother and sister-in-law in Eastland Texas.  My brother-in-law has been smoke free for 4 years and my sister-in-law for 2 years.  I was happy about that cause no one smoked in the house which made it easy for me.  The drive there and back was not so hard with... Read full post

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