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Horrible anxiety and panic attacks

Posted by smsbean on December 31, 1969 at 6:15pm in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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i am wondering if anyone has advice on this....I am going through horrible anxiety at 19 days out and been having to take xanax at times to deal with it. I am not using NRT. I don't really want to smoke, just have horrible waves of anxiety and panic all day. I am on effexor xr 75 mg, talked to doc, he said to increase to 150mg. I did of 2 days but the anxiety was much worse, so I am back to 75mg. I feel like I am going to be stuck in this anxiety ridden, depressed hell forever and wanted to know if there was anyone out there who gets this or has live through this. My spouse has never smoked and must think I am completely insane, because that's how I feel! Advice please!

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What triggers your anxiety? Have you tried exericising? I find that when I am depressed or anxious, if i go for a brisk walk with someone and talk to someone it really helps. Plus, I feel a lot better after I get some fresh air and movement. If you can sit down and make a list of what is triggering your anxiety, maybe you will be able to catch a panick attack before it starts. Much of anxiety is from fear; what are you afraid of? I know that I am afraid of dying and my son growing up to become a smoker like I have been the past 15 years (he is one years old right now).. this is a huge reason why I have just recently decided to quit. I do not want to live a life chained down by a burning cigarette, and I try to remind myself of this every day. No matter what, just don't light one up, no matter what! You will wish you never did and feel more depressed in the long run knowing that you gave up the fight! Good luck to you <3

shimmr3 1183 days ago

It's natural to have anxiety, I have it even with smoking! But be careful not to cover up one addiction with another, Xanax is highly addictive and even if we think we are addicts, we really are so we are prone to latching on to another vice! When u start to get an attack, go sit in front of a fan or anything that blows cold air on ur face and tell urself that you are strong and u will get through this attack without any help, but naturally if you get bad thoughts just see a doctor and ask for meds that aren't high risk for addiction! I hope you feel better!!! To not smoking!!!!!

chelsea.banister 1179 days ago

*even if we think we AREN'T addicts, we really are.

chelsea.banister 1179 days ago

I'm sorry you're going through this.  I must warn you...I am against most anxiety medications.  I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in 2008 and it's all a mind game.  If the 150 mg was causing you to feel more anxious, don't you think the 75 mg even is?  Your body is probably panicing b/c you're ridding it of all those poisons, including that nicotine!  As quitters, we're overcoming drug addictions, not much different than heroin (as for the mentally challenged addiciton part).  You need to think positively and know you have everything to gain and nothing to lose as a non-smoker.  Your body (physically and mentally) will go through hell the next couple of weeks, but it will get beter.  Just imagine what you're putting your body through if you continue smoking.  I'm smoke-free for 38 days now and I'm not missing a darn thing.  Take care. =)  And I will say that I struggle with food.  I'm resisting my urges to switch my smoking addiction to an eating addiction.  Please stay mindful and do not allow yourself to gain a pill addiciton is lieu of a smoking one.  I know your doctor recommended these pills but ultimately, you're just replacing the chemicals in cigarettes with chemicals in pills.  Our bodies are not made to tolerate these foreign substances.

iQuit25 1172 days ago

Hi I'm on day 28 & have been very depressed during this whole process- some days are easier than others. Today was harder than yesterday while yesterday was easier than the day before. I keep telling myself it will all get better...forums like this have truly helped me to get this far. I urge u to refer to these for great support

roseanne206 1159 days ago

Day 5 for me. I can't drink alcohol or take pills, but I did find that valerian root (you can find it in most grocery stores/pharmacies seems to be helping me calm down.  I'm with you on the anxiety/depression thing.. I spent the last few days of work either wanting to kill the people I was working with or breaking down in tears...it didn't feel like normal tears..it felt like that really heavy grief when someone you love dies.....today is a little better because I went out and ran 5 miles (which is the main reason why I quit).  I'm getting depressed because I want to eat everything in sight and I can't.....so I guess I'll just have to run some more!!!!

greytdanes 1139 days ago

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