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Rick M posted a comment on this blog post | Still here!
Hey Megan, good to see ya. Congrats to u....stay with ur quit....just gets better.
(5 minutes ago)

Marilyn H posted a comment on this blog post | I'm back!!
Great to see you Sharon, life does keep getting better and better without the crutch, you may need a vacation from your vacation, hopefully your hand heals up fast, hugs. 
(6 minutes ago)

Rick M posted a comment on this blog post | Elder's List Changes
Daunting task my friend. If an asterisk by my name signals my willingness to support/help/advise any Ex'er in their effort to quit I am all for it. I not on EX as much as I would like to or use...
(9 minutes ago)


breaking the bad

Posted by marya on December 31, 1969 at 5:39pm in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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I will be relearning life before my Nov. 11 quit date . It seems for the last 30 years my life has revolved around smoking (where I ate where and how I traveld )Any help with this life changing time ? I would love to here what you have replaced smoke habits with.

Last updated 1010 days ago by marya

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