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John 10.16.14 posted a comment on this blog post | When an Addictive Thought Grabs You - Choose a Thought that's MORE POWERFUL - N.O.P.E.!
I get so tired of being positive or trying to be positive. Being the baby of 7 siblings born into a world of dysfunctionability with heavy duty alcoholic ties and all the other monsters of a...
(35 minutes ago)

mikecity wrote a new blog post titled Good Morning All
Hello everybody,     My quit clock is at 1166 days.     It's Saturday morning!!  Now the weekend is here!!  It's less than 1 week until...
(40 minutes ago)

John 10.16.14 posted a comment on this blog post | xray results
Hey Junior, Sorry to hear about the aches and pains. My Niece has suffered neck and sholder pains for a long time and she's young. (Migranes too) I noticed Nancy reccomended YOGA. I must...
(52 minutes ago)


breaking the bad

Posted by marya on December 31, 1969 at 4:39pm in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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I will be relearning life before my Nov. 11 quit date . It seems for the last 30 years my life has revolved around smoking (where I ate where and how I traveld )Any help with this life changing time ? I would love to here what you have replaced smoke habits with.

Last updated 365 days ago by marya

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