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freeneasy posted a comment on this blog post | A Hump Day Funny! Dopamine Starter
(-:  Love it!
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freeneasy updated a blog post titled Thanks to All on Thanksgiving eve! (20 minutes ago)

freeneasy wrote a new blog post titled Thanks to All on Thanksgiving eve!
      The Christmas snow came here to eastern pa a month early! I'm am not a fan of November snow storms! I really appreciate being an ex smoker though during times like...
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Six days early

Posted by Nancy Trombley on December 31, 1969 at 11:22am in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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My name is Nancy, my quit day was six days off.  My doctor gave me Zyban 150mg every 12 hours, plus I am using Nicoderm CQ...I have tried many times before to become an ex, this time I will succeed with the support of my husband and my brother...Yesterday I smoked my last cigarette, took a pill and put on a patch.  Wish me luck!

Last updated 406 days ago by Nancy Trombley

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