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larrymg@aol.com wrote a new blog post titled 3 more hours to 120...I think
I've found counting hours helpful in the past. My girlfriend asked me why I'm adding the stress of quitting to our trip. We're leaving Sunday morning for Costa Rica. I explained and she...
(25 minutes ago)

Deena A. Yenni (06-02-14) posted a comment on this blog post | Nauseated in San Francisco......
Thanks for sharing Katie, and I wish the best for your medical treatments...soooo glad you're not smoking as we're in this together gal!!
(an hour ago)

Deena A. Yenni (06-02-14) posted a comment on this blog post | Really weird day.
Wonderful blog.  Sorry about your incident and bruise.  I'm glad you kept your quit.  It truely is nicer being a non smoker!!
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30 yr smoker

Posted by kent318 on December 31, 1969 at 4:32am in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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i quit tommorrow 

Last updated 470 days ago by kent318

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