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mcpeltier posted on Giulia's message board (just now)

cpsono 5-27-2015 posted a comment on this blog post | Day 243 thank you !
HUGE congrats on 8 months Bonnie!  Proud of you my friend!   CP 136 DOF
(3 minutes ago)

cpsono 5-27-2015 posted a comment on this blog post | Good Saturday Morning ☆ ♡ ☆
Have a beautiful weekend in your beautiful Maritimes, Marilyn.  And as usual thank you for you uplifting blog!  CP  136 DOF
(9 minutes ago)


New to this site!

Posted by kurcl01 on December 31, 1969 at 3:20pm in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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Hi! I have been trying to quitt smoking for over 4 years now and have stopped about 10 times with the longest time being almost 5 month.  My husband quit over 4 years ago successfully and is getting frustrated with me.  I really want to do it, but everytime something stressfull comes up, I am right back to smoking.  My stop date is September 6th and I am actually looking forward to it.  Any help and encouragement is welcome at this point. Good luck to all of you out there!!!!


Last updated 778 days ago by kurcl01

I actually posted this on August 23, 2013 not December 31, 1969!

kurcl01 778 days ago

welcome welcome welcome! One day at a time, you can do it!

Fiveblessings 777 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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