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freedom 38 posted on Sky Girl's message board (a minute ago)

linda posted a comment on this blog post | Yea! Here I am!
Congrats ....fantastic news.  Keep adding those days and years.
(23 minutes ago)

Youngatheart (7.4.12) posted a comment on this blog post | DISCLAIMER!: Only for people who enjoy reading....hehehehe!
I am glad to read that your preparation includes recognizing your main triggers.  NOW you need to come up with altternative things to do instead of smoke.  Get right up from the table after...
(23 minutes ago)


On chantix

Posted by KD on December 31, 1969 at 9:52pm in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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Started chantix about a month ago. It is helping a great deal. I've gained weight as I'm eating a lot of jelly beans. I've been smoking for 50 years . So far I haven't had a cig. In 3 days. I get the urge, but then it goes away. It's been such a cruch that I feel lost without one.

Last updated 399 days ago by KD

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