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Mag10Q posted a comment on this blog post | GOOD FRIDAY EVERYONE! BEST TIME OF YEAR FULL OF RENEWAL!!!
Happy Easter to you too Maria!!! Mag 276d
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Annbowders posted a comment on this blog post | Expensive Shopping Trip
So glad you are safe and sound and amazing job of keeping your quit!!! Now that was one of dem tests wasn't it!!! Shew! And elvan sorry about that dryer! The "demon" is running all over EXVille...
(just now)

Green thumb posted a comment on this blog post | Hypnosis to quit smoking?
My budy always tells me how his  neighbors both husband and wife and him and his wife all quit at the same time neighbors got hypnosis and still smoke to this day 20 years later and him and his...
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I finally did it

Posted by lifeworthliving on December 31, 1969 at 4:28pm in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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I'v been lurking here for a year. Reading all that I can. Learning all that I could absorb.

Monday July 8th I got up early for work. Went out on the back porch to have my normal coffee and Ciggy. Came in took a shower went to work. The only difference with today, Is it was the last morning I would smoke.

I really can't say why that day. I have been planning this for a very long time. Doing the steps it would take to get my mind ready for this. At least that is what I keep telling myself. But Monday was different from any other day. I really did it. I started my day out normal and then I just put the cigs down and walked away. I am so happy with me right now.

Not easy at all. I did get a ecig a few months ago to help with the cravings. Really hoping this time I will complete the task.


Last updated 282 days ago by lifeworthliving

I'm hoping you are continuing to have strong, smokefree days.  You can do this!

Whipper 275 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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