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Mrs.Brock wrote a new blog post titled Something to occupy my mind.
  Ok, so I have decided to run/walk a 5K in June. I'm going to take all of my frustrations out on my body (in a positive way this time). I am setting a goal to work out 1 hour everyday. If...
(21 minutes ago)

msterling999 has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | Let Your Quit Be Your Valentine
Terrie Thanks for the beautiful new RING. I take your hand knowing when I look at my gratitude list and focus on what is right with my day instead of what is wrong, I feel a whole lot better, So...
(44 minutes ago)

Mrs.Brock posted a comment on this blog post | Crying and driving don't mix!
Thanks again everyone! I feel much better today! I have decided to do some extreme work outs in order to do a 5k in June! Hell yes! I know I can do this! 
(47 minutes ago)


New here!

Posted by Steven Thomas on December 31, 1969 at 12:29pm in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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So, I'm new here, but not new.  Been on this site before, but never really put out much effort to figure it out.  Looking forward to regaining my freedom!

Last updated 949 days ago by Steven Thomas

I want to add other gay men. I also want to activate the free text alerts from BecomeAnEX.  HELP!!

ctpaulm 949 days ago

my email is my username here plus gmail dot com   NEED HELP!!


ctpaulm 949 days ago

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